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Afifah Maryam
Afifah Maryam
Imsg Islamabad
Peace Begins With A Smile
Published On Aug 22nd 2014
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Mr. Ahmed was a fully grown man; he had a son of 14 years named Afaq, who was very obedient boy. Afaq’s mother was a high tempered woman. Mr. Ahmed had a younger brother with whom he was never at peace and for that reason they were living separately. Mr. Ali had his own family. Though they were brothers but they always tried to find something to fight about. One day, when Afaq came home he had a scar on his face. He was trying his best to hide the scar but unfortunately her mother’s voice echoed in his ears, “What’s on your face Afaq come to me”
“Oh nothing mom, it’s just a scratch” Afaq replied. “I said come to me”, Mr.’s Ahmed said angrily. Afaq slowly walked to her mother and she said, “Explain it”.  “Actually we were playing cricket and, err... Muaz mistakenly hit me, it wasn’t his fault he.....” he added quickly.
But he was late, before he could complete his sentence his mother was on her feet and said fiercely “How dare that lunatic boy hit my son, you wait till your father is home”. “Mom please it was not his fault “Afaq interrupted. “Go upstairs and wash this” she said pointing towards his scar.
Muaz was Afaq’s cousin, Mr. Ali’s son he was 13 years old and he and Afaq were good friends. In the evening, Mr. Ahmed came home and called Afaq for the dinner. And as soon as he saw his face he asked “what’s wrong with your face?” “Dad…” but before Afaq could say another word her mother told him the entire story. “What does he think he is, huh?? Mr. Ali barked, hitting my son in face, I will hit all his family.” “It is nothing dad, there is nothing to react like that for” Afaq gathered courage and spoke. This time her mother replied, “Don’t forget you are talking to your father, Afaq.”
Shaking with anger, his father left the room and headed for his brother’s house. Both of them lived in the same town. Infuriated, Mr. Ahmed reached his brother’s place, he was so angry that he did not bother to knock he just opened the front door. But the moment he opened the front door his brother’s 2 years old daughter smiled at him. She was smiling so innocently that he could not stop the tear leaking from his eye. He forgot everything and embraced her tightly; he thought how cruel he is that he was going to hurt that baby flower.
His brother came out to check at door and he could not believe his eyes, both of them looked at each other for a couple of seconds and then Mr. Ahmed let go of her niece and embraced his brother. Now they were on peace because THE PEACE BEGINS WITH A SMILE.
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Comments 11
Ghania Howru????BFF Ghania
Apr 9th 2015
Ghania Nyc... CanwebefrndzAfifah??? Ghania
Apr 9th 2015
Mohammad Nyc Mohammad
Sep 7th 2014
mubashra AOA Affifah how r u nd whtz happening nowadays....:)????? Mubashra
Sep 6th 2014
mubashra AOA Affifah how r u nd whtz happening nowadays....:)????? Mubashra
Sep 6th 2014
Zaynah Nice story Zaynah
Sep 6th 2014
Marwa Very Nice !! Worth Reading :) Marwa
Sep 5th 2014
afifah Thanks everyone:) Afifah
Aug 29th 2014
Aug 27th 2014
MARYAM Good.. Maryam
Aug 22nd 2014
Ahmad Nice story Ahmad
Aug 22nd 2014

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