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Shaheer Saleh
Shaheer Saleh
Lahore School Of Learning
Published On Aug 22nd 2014
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Planet Mars derives its name from the roman god of war. It’s often described as the "Red Planet" because it has tons of iron oxide in the red mountains. To a visitor from earth to Mars the lace is remnant to the Mojave Desert, Southern California. The temperature is rough and cold. At night the temperature falls to -100 degrees every night. So you won’t like a place a bit. The Mount Olympus Mons rises 16 miles above the Martian surface. It’s three times the size of Mount Everest. If you draw a picture of Olympus Mons and put Mount Everest and the Island Of Hawaii beside it they will look a molehill compared to Olympus Mons. The base is so huge that you will be on its base without knowing. Mount Olympus Mons is basically actually a volcano. There is no water on mars because if you put water on its surface it will evaporate and freeze at the same time. Although there is no running water on its surface but there is stored frozen water in the northern ice caps. There are fewer landings on Mars because you can launch a space shuttle once every two years. The space shuttle should be timed and accurate accordingly or otherwise it would fail. If you fail you have to wait another two years for another launch. Mars has two moons Phobos and Deimos. The first rover landed in 1996 was the Sojourner. The Opportunity rover is the most successful Rover launched in 2004 by NASA.
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Comments 3
Shaheer Thnx Shaheer
Dec 31st 2015
Aarish Nice work! Aarish
Oct 14th 2014
Shaheer Sorry. I had to write place instead of "lace" Shaheer
Aug 25th 2014

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