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Musfira Sultana Siddiqui
Musfira Sultana Siddiqui
St. Joseph's College For Women
A Joyous Deed!
Published On Aug 22nd 2014
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When I was a small kid, I was very fond of listening to stories. Ferries, animals of my like doing so many things of amusement. The Baba distributing sweets to children who take their meal on time was the most desired character. At later times however, I discovered that all was imaginary. Though everything is told to children for some lesson, making it interesting to them, it would have been great if that is taken from true incidences. I have made my mind to look for and search stories from real life for children of different ages. Following is one narrated by my father and confirmed by my Taya Abbu (uncle).
Once my Taya Abbu was playing outside in our locality with his friends, there he found a wallet lying on street. He picked it and asked a man standing nearby who looked a little worried. The man said that he lost his wallet. He told some signs which exactly matched the wallet Taya Abbu found. He returned the wallet to the man. The man was extremely happy. He counted the money and checked the stuff in wallet, everything was there. The man tried to give some money to Taya Abbu but he didn’t take it saying that we do not accept reward of good we do to anybody. The man left happily.
When Taya Abbu told this story to the family, they were very pleased by the act and admired him. He also did not get any monetary reward from home to teach him that ‘do not expect a worldly reward for your good deeds’. The family still recalls it to tell their younger. Now this story is to be told to my younger sisters and cousins. Same you can do!
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Comments 25
Musfira Sultana Thank you and Ramadan Mubarak to you too! Musfira Sultana
Jul 1st 2016
HAFSA Nice story i like it.:) and RAMADAN MUBARAK TO ALL OF YOU;) Hafsa
Jun 8th 2016
Musfira Sultana Same to you! :) Musfira Sultana
Jan 9th 2015
Taj Eid Mubarak ho Taj
Oct 11th 2014
Musfira Sultana Eid Mubarak to you too <3 Musfira Sultana
Oct 4th 2014
AINA Advance Eid Mubarak Aina
Oct 4th 2014
Musfira Sultana Yes Khadija, nice one! Musfira Sultana
Sep 27th 2014
khadija Hey did u read my story musfira? Khadija
Sep 17th 2014
AINA Musfira can u plz tell me what did u get in the gift hamper and how did u do it plz write in 2 msg u know that my net show half msg Aina
Sep 12th 2014
Musfira Sultana ThankYou :) Musfira Sultana
Sep 11th 2014
Sep 10th 2014
Fatima  Mehdi Very good story indeed! Fatima Mehdi
Sep 10th 2014
Musfira Sultana Alhamduliah, I'm fine wbu? Musfira Sultana
Sep 9th 2014
AINA How r u musfira Aina
Sep 9th 2014
khadija Musfira,please can you give some decription of your account on google+?It is hard to find you on it...I hope that You will help me out:) Khadija
Sep 9th 2014
Musfira Sultana Thanks! Musfira Sultana
Sep 8th 2014
saad Nice story Saad
Sep 8th 2014
Musfira Sultana Hello! ;) Musfira Sultana
Sep 8th 2014
khadija Hi Musfira!:) Khadija
Sep 7th 2014
Musfira Sultana Haha, you want to know my nick name :D Well it's Minni or Mushii Musfira Sultana
Sep 5th 2014
AINA Hey musfira do u have u r nick name can u tell me plz Aina
Sep 4th 2014
Musfira Sultana Thanks Musfira Sultana
Sep 4th 2014
Musfira Sultana Thanks Musfira Sultana
Sep 4th 2014
AINA thanx again plz can u talk with e Aina
Sep 4th 2014
Ibrahim Lovly it is...keep writing Ibrahim
Aug 26th 2014

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