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Farishta Hamid
Farishta Hamid
Published On Aug 22nd 2014
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Rain is falling from the sky
The flowers are opening
The sky is crying
As the rain comes through
The flowers sprout up
It’s nature
And nature cannot be changed.
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Comments 15
Urooj Soo baddd try some thing else💙😂😂😂😂😂 Urooj
Jul 31st 2017
Urooj Fazool and Farishta you are too rude. Tum sy baat krna hi Fazool hy kitne battamize hu tum Urooj
Jul 29th 2017
Fatima Look you are now soo angry when Rabab said it childish!!! Fatima
Jun 8th 2017
Aden If you can't make good drawings then at least don't call beautiful drawings are the one stupid Aden
Feb 16th 2016
Fatima Hey Farishta you told My sister aden to write a poem uh. She wrote a poem my toy car and it became the winner. Can you write a poem that could be the winner. And you said that i can draw better then fatima latif. Then show us Fatima
Jul 24th 2015
fatimah Thanks for standing up for me Aden. that is really sweet of u, u truly r a great friend. :D but it matters not to me what others think about me anymore. let them be rude, mean n ignorant cuz all they r doing is destroying themselves n their words tell me that i need to get up n win instead of doing the opposite. Fatimah
Mar 17th 2015
abeera Uuuuuhhhhhhhh........i cant believe u wrote this i mean u r giving so rude comments on others' stuff i thought u must be some sort of expert n totally creative n i also cant beleive u r a 5th grader cause u talk like u r 16 Abeera
Mar 7th 2015
Rabab Hey farishta u are very rude on the web Rabab
Jan 30th 2015
Aden Alright I will write a poem Aden
Dec 8th 2014
Farishta And its my choice to say whatever i want to say Farishta
Dec 4th 2014
Farishta Wut do u mean? TOO CHILDISH?go write a poem by yourself . Farishta
Dec 4th 2014
Aden Hey were sayiny not good to fatima latif appi drawing Aden
Nov 26th 2014
Rabab Too childish Rabab
Nov 15th 2014
Amn :) Amn
Sep 12th 2014
neha Hmmm nice one Neha
Aug 26th 2014

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