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Nubera Ahmed
Nubera Ahmed
Beacon House School System (jtc)
My Biggest Wish
Published On Aug 22nd 2014
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If only there was one wish to strive for, then we won’t drown in the sea of dreams and wishes. Life is a struggle of minute to another minute and dreams are to be dreamt. Everyone wants to be the reality of their wishes, but some dreams are not to be just dreamt but to live thorough the heart and soul. My wish to or just a thought crossing my mind was to be seen. The dream which was born with me and a true desire to make my first flight in fighter plane in the sky. This ambition seems preposterous and insane for people but for me life was depending on it. My world was darkening and my dream sometimes felt distant and surging out of reach. My dream was maybe impossible because I was a woman. They don’t fly f-16 people used to say. I was told to strangle and kill my wishes. This was earth shattering. I wanted to jostle hard, compete and challenge the evils in the society so I strengthened my courage and my aim was to blow away everyone one day. My parents played an important role to support me. They always had my back. From the first day of school to when I finally stood outside the gate of the academy which produced some of the world’s greatest pilots. Everyone around me stared at me with those penetrating eyes. They used to say that a woman doing such acts always gets tarnished. It’s a man thing. A woman stepping outside her house is not loyal and trustworthy. But I didn’t believe a word of that crap. World is made to explore, everyone has a right and liberty to do so. I wasn’t to stop; it was like a rush of adrenaline. Then that one day came when my captain called me and said that “You are better that all those boys out there, because you are focused, you have it in your blood and this is your life.” I was overwhelmed; he told me that tomorrow it would be my turn to fly the f-16. I waited for it and it seemed unendurable now. My anxiety and the excitement were envied by everyone. Then came the moment, the moment I’ve been waiting my whole life, when in a flash mu life appeared. Tick my first day at school, tick my first pilot helmet and tick me sitting in the fighter plane. That was the day when I proved the world that I was not insane. I was right; my dream was worth my entire struggle. My body heated up in excitement, my mind focused and I became the first woman to fly a fighter F-16 in Pakistan. So this was my story to tell. So heed on all the righteous dreams, you desire.             
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Comments 6
Umair Gud written Umair
Jan 25th 2015
Khadija Awesome article. Khadija
Jan 11th 2015
Fatima This is your words and the smooth transition and the marvellous details combine in to one brilliant piece of writing. Great job Fatima
Oct 8th 2014
Andlib Nice. Andlib
Oct 6th 2014
Ayesha Very nice nubera Ayesha
Sep 5th 2014
Ibrahim Nice is the best..i like it the most,,, Ibrahim
Aug 30th 2014

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