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Munkashay Hyuuga
Munkashay Hyuuga
Army Public School And Colleges :')
Shumaim And Munkashay In Naruto World (part 3)
Published On Aug 22nd 2014
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Three days after the girls' arrival in Hidden Leaf, Team Guy came. The sisters also got forehead protectors, and Munkashay said,"Cool, eh?"
"Warm," said Shumaim, "I feel sweaty on my forehead."
"Sis," said Munkashay through clenched teeth," I meant 'awesome' cool, not 'cold' cool." Tenten came running towards them."Kurenai sensei's calling us," she panted, beckoning them to come. The sisters looked at each other, shrugged and went with her.
Two minutes later at the girls' dorm, Kurenai said,"Girls, be ready, the Fourth Hokage is coming."
"Wha--?" said Munkashay. She looked at Tenten who was reading a parchment and said, "'Forth Hokage'?"
Tenten looked up and nodded. Shumaim asked,"Is he alive?"
"Of course! You expect him to die?" came the reply.
"Then..." said Shumaim," Lady Tsunade, then. Why is she Hokage?"
"Well, it's a long story but I'll tell you the main part," replied Tenten," After the Nine Tails' attack on the Leaf, Lord Minato and Lady Kushina disappeared. The Third Hokage was alive then and he controlled the Leaf. But then Orochimaru killed him, and Lady Tsunade was made Hokage. Two years after that, Lord Minato and Lady Kushina came back from somewhere, so now we have two Hokages."
"Get it!" said Munkashay, nodding. Tenten waved to them and went off towards Kurenai. The girls felt immensely pleased; this was the Naruto world they wanted, Naruto's parents alive, peace and everyone happy...
Shumaim looked at Naruto laughing with his pals and wondered how he would have felt if his thought-dead parents emerged from somewhere suddenly. The shout at the Gate brought her back on Earth.
Minato waved and grinned to everyone, repeatedly saying, "Thank you, thankyou," and laughing. As he went away, people began clearing up slowly. Shumaim followed them, forgetting her sister. When Munkashay looked, Shumaim was already far away.
"Hey - sis! Wait. I'm here!" yelled Munkashay, but Shumaim didn't hear her. Munkashay ran after her sister. Suddenly, a kunai knife appeared out of nowhere straight towards Munkashay. The little sister dodged it in time, but slipped and fell. Her head hit a rock and she lost conciousness. Before that, she heard Tenten's distant voice,"Munkashay..? MUNKASHAY!"
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Comments 15
Munkashay Morons- Munkashay
Feb 23rd 2015
Shaheer Some ..... matter probably Shaheer
Feb 10th 2015
Munkashay Then why did you hate my story? Munkashay
Dec 10th 2014
Farishta Hey wait a minute!!! not liking your story does'nt mean that I am not a fan of naruto Farishta
Dec 6th 2014
Munkashay :D :D Munkashay
Sep 27th 2014
Shaheer Life is to enjoooy you see. Shaheer
Sep 24th 2014
Munkashay Heh. Funny. Munkashay
Sep 23rd 2014
Shaheer Or just get one from an antique shop. sis. :P Shaheer
Sep 17th 2014
Munkashay Intelligent. But Time Machine isn't invented yet, bro. Munkashay
Sep 17th 2014
Shaheer Hey if all electronic devices are banned on you try going in ancient times. Use a telegraph or smoke signals :P Shaheer
Sep 16th 2014
Munkashay Nice, Fahad! Munkashay
Sep 8th 2014
Mohammad Great I am a fan of Naruto and Dragon ball z Mohammad
Sep 7th 2014
Munkashay If you had been a Naruto fan you might have liked it Farishta...if you aren't then don't read my story. -_- Munkashay
Aug 30th 2014
Farishta Meh.....!it's not GOOD it's boring Farishta
Aug 27th 2014
Hadia Good practise Hadia
Aug 24th 2014

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