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Gul Noor  Arsalan
Gul Noor Arsalan
Haunted (part 1)
Published On Aug 22nd 2014
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'Sure we should be doing this? 'I asked as I followed my best friend, Niall. Jack, my cat was at my heels. Jack's always acting like a dog, a faithful dog. We were running across a deserted lawn. Niall was taking the lead. Our plan was to stay a night at the deserted house. This house was rumoured to be haunted. We both loved adventures. Niall was always trying to scare me, ' Did you know, no one lived at this house for 81 years. The old woman who lived here was found dead on her bed on Halloween night. Creepy, right. Considering tomorrow night is Halloween night.' He paused dramatically. 'Stop it! Niall, you are giving me creeps ' I told him clearly. We had been friends for 4 years and Niall could easily tell when I was scared. ‘Bark! !' We both heard it, but of course we were not scared. This bark was very familiar. It turned out to be Niall ' s spaniel. Many shades of golden and brown, so we named it Shadey (often called Shades). We ignored her barks, which were now getting closer. Now, we could see our destination. 'There it is, Ni '. Now, we could both say we were scared. The house had 17 windows and a huge door. Shades had caught up with us now and was greeting Jack. Shades and Jack were also best friends. They meet every day. Before we knew it, we were standing and staring at a huge door. 'Now that we are here, I doubt going in there, Jess. ' Although, my name is Jessica, Niall referred to me as Jess or Jessie. We pushed the door. When it finally opened, Niall laughed, ' This is what everyone is afraid of??' I admit that it was not so scary. A TV trolley, a comfy sofa and a rug. We spread our sleeping bags, set out the snacks, turned the horror movie on the laptop and gave the pets milk as a snack. We decided to explore the house first. The kitchen was also pretty normal. ' C'mon, Ni, let's not go upstairs. Please. 'I begged Niall. But Ni was already on the 5th stair and had a stubborn look on his face. 'Jess, this house is normal. The lounge is normal. The kitchen is normal. And the bedroom will also be normal. If you don't want to come, stay here and keep the pets company. 'I wanted to stay down here. But I couldn't let Niall go alone. There was something not safe upstairs. I forced myself to go with Niall. I was nervous. When I looked at Niall, he stood frozen, staring at something. I froze as I saw it. BLOOD! ! Fresh blood on the bed. The blood was trickling down the bed. We both wanted to run as we saw something moving under the bed. I pulled Niall' s wrist and forced him downstairs. When we were at the last step, we froze.....
To be continued........
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Comments 13
Sabeen Very nice.... Waiting for the next part and can we be friends? Sabeen
Aug 7th 2017
Beenish Horror and great. Beenish
Jun 18th 2015
Umair Awesome story Umair
Jan 25th 2015
kashaf Ilove horror!waiting... Kashaf
Jan 22nd 2015
zarmala GR8...WAITING.........! Zarmala
Oct 10th 2014
aeman Good Aeman
Oct 8th 2014
Gul Noor Sorry, but you gonna have to wait... am sooo busy. No time Fer vshine. ....... I hardly have time for 1D Gul Noor
Sep 14th 2014
Mohammad Waiting Mohammad
Sep 7th 2014
Manahil Waiting & good work'''',.; Manahil
Sep 6th 2014
Manahil Waiting & good work'''',.; Manahil
Sep 6th 2014
Maryam Nice waiting......!!!!!!!! Maryam
Aug 27th 2014
shehram WAITING!!!!!! Nyc Story. Shehram
Aug 25th 2014
MARYAM Nice.. Waiting for the next part.. Maryam
Aug 22nd 2014

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