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Meshal Wajahat
Meshal Wajahat
Pakistan International School
Sha And Pa
Published On Jul 22nd 2014
Total Comments : 31
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There were two kids named sha and pa.
When mother called sha so pa came and when mother called pa so sha came.
When she told the docter that whenever she calls sha so pa comes and whenever she calls sha pa comes.
The docter said,"So keep sha name for pa and pa for sha.
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Comments 31
Hadia Ehsan It's a copy of another joke and it's not funny. Hadia Ehsan
May 30th 2016
jasmine Nice joke Jasmine
Dec 29th 2015
Mustafa Goooooo000o0o0od joo00oo0o0o0ke Mustafa
Dec 16th 2014
Nuvairah Heard this joke before Nuvairah
Dec 10th 2014
rameen Ok but good try Rameen
Nov 20th 2014
zarmala UUUUCK! Zarmala
Oct 28th 2014
huzaifah How u know Huzaifah
Oct 18th 2014
huzaifah Nice one Huzaifah
Oct 14th 2014
huzaifah Heard it ok its me your friend. Huzaifah
Oct 13th 2014
muneeb I heard this joke in jeeto pakistan Muneeb
Oct 12th 2014
Pariza Hadia is right Pariza
Sep 23rd 2014
Rida OK sorry Nice but Go0d effort.........;) Rida
Sep 19th 2014
Rida Nice one Rida
Sep 19th 2014
Fatima Irfan Nice idea Fatima Irfan
Sep 19th 2014
maham Very good it is funny Maham
Sep 13th 2014
Maimoona Masood Good ide@ Maimoona Masood
Sep 6th 2014
Mohammad Hadia is right it is a copy of a joke. Even though not to discourage you nice Mohammad
Sep 5th 2014
Hadia Ehsan Thats just a copy of another joke Hadia Ehsan
Aug 22nd 2014
manal Good Manal
Aug 16th 2014
Bushra Well guys her effort was good so don't degrade her. How would u feel if some1 commented somethings negative. By the way great joke Bushra
Aug 14th 2014
Syeda Zuha Hahahahahaa!!!!gOod jOke.... Syeda Zuha
Aug 12th 2014
Soha Come on guyz! Try to appreciate others! Ofcourse members, listen or read jokes and then SHARE it with us! Ofcourse we can't make our own jokes and if we make our own joke, then there will be comments like, boring, lame n bla bla! Soha
Aug 6th 2014
raveeha Heard this joke on JEETO PAKISTAN Raveeha
Jul 27th 2014
Laibah Didn't understand it as a joke Laibah
Jul 26th 2014
Maryam I have listen this joke LIVE. Maryam
Jul 25th 2014
Rida Boring listened before live............................. Rida
Jul 25th 2014
Rida Hahaha Rida
Jul 24th 2014
Gul Noor Bongi... boring. ..... Gul Noor
Jul 23rd 2014
Gul Noor Bongi... boring. ..... Gul Noor
Jul 23rd 2014
M. Its good but is it a joke!!!!..??? M.
Jul 23rd 2014
andleeb Good idea Andleeb
Jul 23rd 2014

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