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Ahmad  Akhtar
Ahmad Akhtar
Silver Oaks School System Gulraiz Rawalpindi
Sword Of The Lion 2
Published On Jul 18th 2014
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After the win of King Leo from the attack from Sir Lars’s son the kingdom became happy just for 20 years because it was the day when King Leo died from a disease. His final wish was that the first person ever to find the sword of the lion would be the king. Out there in the kingdom lived the grandson of the man who built the sword. He wanted to be an adventurer but his stepfather wouldn’t let him because his real father had died. The name of the boy was Xeon. One night he sneaked out of his house. In the morning he saw a poster on which was written the final wish of King Leo. He read it and went back to his house. First his stepdad scolded him but stopped when his wife came in. she took Xeon to his room and saw the poster. Xeon asked his mother if he could go and find the sword. At first she thought it wasn’t a good idea but then she remembered her husband final words “ the leader of the sword will hide the sword on the star mountain and only the chosen one can find it” so at that moment she knew that her son was the chosen one. She agreed and packed him some things he will need to climb the mountain.
Xeon left at once with hope to find the sword. When he reached the city he was astonished to see everyone looking for the sword so he sneaked out but his neighbour who always bullied him saw where he was going and followed him. He was also a thief and was wanted for his crimes. No one knew that he lived there. After finding the mountain he slept under the shade of a tree still not noticing Ryan the devil. He had a vision while sleeping that he was in danger from someone. Someone who he didn’t know.
In the morning he woke thinking about the vision. Ryan on the other hand was still sleeping. He lost Xeon. When he was awake he saw Xeon had left. He had no idea that where he was or what he was going to do when suddenly he found footprints of Xeon he had left behind. He followed the footprints.
Xeon was now almost near his destination the Star mountain but then from a long distance he saw someone in front of him. He could hardly see what it was. When it came closer he could see what it was. He was an armoured man with red eyes. He was flying like a ghost. After seeing him Xeon knew it was the man from his vision. He was the guardian of the sword of the lion. Xeon wanted no trouble so he just passed by him like he was not there. The guardian grew angrier and angrier. Xeon had stolen a sword of his stepfather secretly.
Xeon knew the guardian was going to attack so he pulled out his sword just as the guardian attacked. Ryan on the other hand saw everything. While Xeon and the guardian were fighting, Ryan secretly went up ahead and found a cave. In the cave he saw the sword. He went to grab it and the sword was in his hands.
He felt the power and swore that he would rule the world. While the guardian was fighting he thought he was looking at his own young face and then he stopped. He asked the Xeon what his name was and started crying when he heard the answer. His red flaming eyes turned as blue as water. He stopped flying and looked like a human. Xeon still didn’t understand what it means. The guardian then told him that Xeon was the chosen one and the one who will turn me into a human again. Turn me into your grandfather again. When Xeon heard this he thought that the guardian was lying but then when he heard the story he knew it was his grandfather. He told that since he was the maker of the sword he was given one more chance to stay alive from the soul of the sword but he had to guard it till a chosen one comes. The chosen one would be his grandson. The guardian took him quickly to the sword but it was too late. Ryan already had the sword. “Now I shall rule the world with this sword” shouted Ryan. Just then Xeon made a sudden move that threw Ryan on the ground and the sword was no longer in his hands. Xeon hurried to get the sword. Still he didn’t feel any power because the sword’s handle which was given as a gift to King Leo from heaven. It was in Ryan’s hand. Since he was unconscious Xeon took the handle and put it on the sword of lion. The magic started as the sword grew shiner and shiner and after some time when Xeon opened his eyes he was wearing a great armor and when he looked back he saw his grandfather lying on the ground.
He took him on his back and wished from the sword to take them to their home. After they reached there his mother gave his grandfather some medicines and he felt better every second and when Xeon took the sword to the palace with his grandfather they showed the sword to the prime minister. He wouldn’t believe the story just when the sword flew in the sky and came a ghost of King Leo who told them he is the chosen one. After that Xeon became a king. His family was happy. But back on the mountain when Ryan woke up he saw no one except for a long box which had the words “this sword in the box is a gift for Ryan the devil from hell” written on it. The sword was amazing. It had a very good blade which was much stronger than of the sword of the lion. Ryan swore on that moment he will kill Xeon and his family.
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Comments 6
duaa Nice Duaa
Dec 27th 2014
Shaheer Gud Shaheer
Aug 25th 2014
Ahmad Yeah alot of parts are coming. but i will make more stories after exams Ahmad
Aug 19th 2014
Shaheer Good . any other part coming? Shaheer
Aug 18th 2014
zoha Gud 1 :) Zoha
Aug 12th 2014
Zaid Good story,good efforts and good works.Keep working like this. Zaid
Jul 24th 2014

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