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Mahnoor Nadeem
Mahnoor Nadeem
Foundation Public School
Published On Jul 18th 2014
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Comments 12
Fatima Farishta if you dont like it rhen dont comment why are you hurting her feelings!! If you dont like any drawing then dontcomment instead of saying atupid drawings Fatima
Jun 8th 2017
Rihab Farishta i dont understand u at all you always think that all drawings are bad,do u like even like drawing?if u do,then i dont understand what u draw u always hate everything Rihab
Jun 18th 2015
Farishta No i am not appreciating Farishta
Dec 4th 2014
hadia Nice Hadia
Sep 5th 2014
Masira Mash Allah wow And guys you should say mash Allah after appreciating someone Masira
Aug 25th 2014
munnazzar Nice its creative Munnazzar
Aug 23rd 2014
Aden Very nice Aden
Aug 21st 2014
Hafsa Wow!!! manoor its amazing!!!!!! Hafsa
Aug 17th 2014
abeera REALLY GOOD! Abeera
Aug 11th 2014
Maikham It's so nice :) Maikham
Aug 2nd 2014
Wafa It is amazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing Wafa
Jul 27th 2014
qurratul OOOOOH IT'S TOO HARD WORD!!!! Qurratul
Jul 19th 2014

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