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Rayan Rehman
Rayan Rehman
The Story Of The Waggle Bed Kingdom (part 7)
Published On Jul 18th 2014
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Now all the soldiers had moved back. When of the soldiers whispered to Raphael to ask him what he had seen but Raphael just said be quiet. Suddenly the noises stopped. Raphael peaked from the corner of the cave he said, "It's going" but suddenly a soldier named rugy hugy sneezed and the sound echoed louder and louder and then Raphael said, "oh no.......RUN!!!!!!!!". All of them were now running the opposite direction but suddenly the cave started to shake and a big scorpion came out cracking some walls and now it was chasing the soldiers. Luckily they came out from the opposite direction and the big scorpion got trapped. The cave shattered and it fell on the scorpion and now it was dead lying there doing nothing not even moving. Now the scorpion did die but there was no way out to the other side. One soldier suggested climbing a hill which was a small one. So they did it because there was no other way to go from. They climbed and came to the other side. Dawn had fallen now and Raphael suggested that we should all sleep and carry on the journey tomorrow. But that Raphael had a dream. Not even a dream I'll say it was a nightmare. He saw a person come to him and stab him! and then that person said I am Sambada but you can call me Sam. So for a short form I'll say Sam rather than Sambada. Raphael woke up horrified. But when he woke up it was already morning, so he woke up the rest of the soldiers they stood up and the journey continued again but Raphael just thought who was this Sambada(Sam).....
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Comments 6
Shaheer Lol i am mad. Using my sisters account :P Shaheer
Aug 25th 2014
shehram No problem friend Shehram
Aug 20th 2014
Rayan I said, "Raphael suggested that we should all sleep and carry on the journey tomorrow. But that Raphael had a dream. Not even a dream I'll say it was a nightmare." so they did sleep and by the way I wrote dawn accidentally so sorry about that guys if u read this just mention dawn as night sorry again Rayan
Aug 19th 2014
Shaheer Yeah I agree with Noor ! You said he had a nightmare so how did hsi soldiers sleep??? Anyways goooooooooood try! Shaheer
Aug 18th 2014
Gul Noor Why did they go to sleep at dawn?? Dawn means when the sun rises. Gul Noor
Jul 19th 2014
Laibah Dawn means morning and by the way, your story doesn't make any sense Laibah
Jul 19th 2014

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