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Tooba Fatima
Tooba Fatima
Ems High School
Published On Jul 6th 2014
Total Comments : 44
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What two things can you never eat for breakfast? Please answer
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Comments 44
hadia Lunch and dinner Hadia
Sep 5th 2015
Minahil Lunch and dinner Easy peasy lemon squeasy Minahil
Jul 14th 2015
Tooba Every one are right great job guys i will try to learn some more riddles or jokes to publish Tooba
Jun 5th 2015
ayesha Lunch and dinner Ayesha
Apr 12th 2015
Abdullah Of course lunch and dinner Abdullah
Mar 10th 2015
Ayesha I knew the answer but I didnt see it before. LUNCH AND DINNER. Ayesha
Jan 28th 2015
jasmine Lunch and dinner so easyyyyyyy!!!! Jasmine
Jan 2nd 2015
Amna Lunch n dinner Amna
Dec 22nd 2014
Rida Abdul moiz abad your cover pic is awsome Rida
Nov 14th 2014
Tooba U all r right Tooba
Nov 9th 2014
syeda Lunch and dinner Syeda
Oct 30th 2014
ALVINA May be lunch and dinner Alvina
Oct 7th 2014
Pariza Lunch and Dinner, am I right? Pariza
Sep 25th 2014
M. All are saying lunch and dinner so I also say M.
Sep 11th 2014
Mohammad Lunch and dinner. And every one i feel lonely please someone add me. Mohammad
Sep 6th 2014
Maimoona Masood Lunch & dinner Maimoona Masood
Sep 6th 2014
Sumiya Lunch and Dinner Sumiya
Sep 5th 2014
HAFSA Are u a 2 years kido?? Hafsa
Aug 25th 2014
Sarah Hey Tooba you are supposed to write jokes here not riddles. Sarah
Aug 7th 2014
Umama Lunch and dinner Umama
Aug 2nd 2014
samra Lunch and dinner Samra
Aug 1st 2014
Alishba Lunch and dinner Alishba
Jul 25th 2014
Anousha Easyyyyyyyyyy........ lunch and dinner Anousha
Jul 24th 2014
Rida Easy........ Lunch & Dinner........................................ Rida
Jul 21st 2014
Jul 20th 2014
sofia Lunch and dinner Sofia
Jul 19th 2014
zoya It must be lunch &dinner Zoya
Jul 18th 2014
aimen So easy..lunch n dinner Aimen
Jul 17th 2014
Bushra Lunch and dinner Bushra
Jul 16th 2014
Samra Lunch and dinner obviously..!!! friends that is good that u share jokes ,riddles and stories.try to share more things as writing improves our vocabulary. Samra
Jul 16th 2014
andleeb Friends how your post appear in vshine?I have posted a lot of interesting and informative things but they are not appear in vshine Andleeb
Jul 14th 2014
andleeb Thanks to all my friendsssssss. Andleeb
Jul 14th 2014
Areesha Every one is correct. Its " lunch and dinner" Areesha
Jul 13th 2014
Laibah Im praying andleeb............ Laibah
Jul 13th 2014
zarmeen Lunch and dinner Zarmeen
Jul 13th 2014
Tooba InshAllah you will get a nice result Tooba
Jul 12th 2014
andleeb Please friends pray for me .My 9th class result of board is coming soon. please pray for me sincerely because in boards we do not know what happens. Andleeb
Jul 12th 2014
abdul moiz abid Hey what an easy riddle!The answer is lunch and dinner. Abdul Moiz Abid
Jul 12th 2014
Rameen Lunch and dinner Rameen
Jul 10th 2014
Tooba You all are correct my friends Tooba
Jul 9th 2014
Laibah I mean i think its correct Laibah
Jul 9th 2014
raveeha Lunch n dinner easy peasy Raveeha
Jul 9th 2014
Laibah Lunch+dinner is correct Laibah
Jul 8th 2014
andleeb Lunch and dinner Andleeb
Jul 8th 2014

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