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Fatimah Latif
Fatimah Latif
Lucifer (part 6)
Published On Jul 4th 2014
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The hall decoration was also our job-detention. Mostly Katie did it while I sat and observed. We hadn’t talked all morning after the ‘weird thing’ at breakfast. But somehow the matter had seemed to dissolve for Katie was the first to break the silence.
“Bec you aren’t helping much, you know” she complained as she hanged a skeleton on the wall.
“You’re doing great, so don’t let me interfere” I said glad that she wasn’t having that ‘weird’ tone in her voice.
“I would like a little helping hand though and anyways I saw your drawings, you are pretty good at art” she said
“I don’t draw, that must be dads. He gave them to me so I could hang them on my wall but seeing as lazy as I am, I never got the time” I said doodling on a poster.
“You never told me your dad is an artist” she said as she snatched the doodled poster from my hands and started to hang it on the wall.
“He WAS an artist. All he does now is some stupid business of gold. You may think being rich is all people want but believe me being rich is the last thing I wanted” I said grumpily.
“Wow! I have never heard that one before”
“Yeah well whatever. Anyways you should get ready. It’s almost time. I will take care of that dumb poster” I stood and took it from her.
“Something happened in the bathrooms before you fainted, right?” she asked catching me off guard.
I hadn’t said a word to anyone about what happened to me, not even Katie even though she deserved to have known but I knew if I did I would probably end up in a mental hospital.
“Nothing” I said awkwardly. She hesitated to ask something but probably felt I wouldn’t tell her anyway so she left to get ready.
After five minutes of hard work I was finally finished. Students had  started to arrive and the DJs were on with their music.
I went to my room for dancing is not my thing. Katie wasn’t there. Probably went down already. But to my surprise her dress was on her bed. She must have gone to take a shower perhaps.
I sat on our table and sighed, thinking whether I would survive after I was done with my course work. Lazily, I started with English first.
Half an hour later I got tired and stood up to stretch only to find Katie’s cloths still on her bed. Shock hit me like an earthquake; hadn’t Katie changed yet. I was so into my work that I didn’t even notice she didn’t come back from her shower….wait…showers, oh no! Not Katie too. I ran as fast as I could from my room, fear gripping me. Where the hell was she? The dance was about to finish.
I burst through the bathroom doors but didn’t go inside. I would rather pee in my bed then go to this place.
“Katie? Are you in here?” I shouted. No one replied so I went down the hallway towards the cafeteria. Miss Hearts saw me running.
“Becca, what’s the matter? Quite late for the dance, aren’t you? And why aren’t you dressed up?” she threw question after question on me.
“Have...have you seen Katie?” I asked panting.
“Katie? Who’s Katie? Is she your friend?” she asked confused.
“Yes, she’s my friend, don’t you remember her? Katie Jordan?” she must be going nuts I thought.
“I don’t know any Katie Jordan. Are you sure-“
“What do you mean?” I cut across her.
“Becca, as long as I know you, forgive me for being rude but, you have never had a best friend. There is no such girl named Katie Jordan in this school” she said looking at me sympathetically.
Yep she’s gone nuts, totally nuts. How the hell can she say that? I ran away from her and burst through the lunch room.
“Katie? Katie?” I screamed. People started looking at me even the DJs stopped their music.
“Who’s Katie?” “Never heard of her” they muttered.
“No! What do you mean? Stop joking around please!” I yelled. They all started laughing as if I shared a joke with them.
“Where’s Katie Jordan?” I yelled again, above their laughs. Don’t they see I am serious? What the hell are they playing at?
“Who’s Katie Jordan?” a man wearing a knight’s costume said.
“Who…who are YOU?” I asked for I never saw him before and why were the teachers all huddled up next to him like he was some kind of an important person.
“Why, what an acting Becca. You really have the skills. I should sign you up for the drama class” he said while the lunchroom filled with more laughter.
“You have no right to put me anywhere” I yelled at him angrily.
“Why, yes I do. I am your principal” he said quite proudly.
“What? No…it can’t be…YOU? But Mr. Laree’s our principal” did the whole world just turned up-side down or was I dreaming.
“Who? Mr. Laree is it, well my dear you got it wrong its Mr. Mac Milan” he said.
I ran. I couldn’t take the laughter anymore. They were just joking, I know. This must be one of their stupid pranks. But I am not an easy target.
I ran towards the principal’s office which was luckily open. I went to the desk and took out the names of the students file. I opened my class one’s and checked for Katie’s name. My finger running up and down the pages. I noticed it had five names missing. Five people who never attended this school. Five people who were never there-Katie, Jake, Jessica, Carrie and Sam. Written in big bold letters was the principal’s name on top of the page- Mr. Mac Milan.
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Comments 25
Maheen Amazing Maheen
Aug 4th 2017
Fatima Wherw can they go?? Brilliant work Fatima
Jun 9th 2017
Laibah Part 7 koh tauba tauba karo! Laibah
Jul 19th 2014
raveeha Amazing story and Ramadan Mubarak to all of you Raveeha
Jul 18th 2014
Naima Interesting Naima
Jul 18th 2014
Jul 17th 2014
saman @fatima do you use facebook Saman
Jul 15th 2014
Manahil Nice story Manahil
Jul 15th 2014
Rihab Wonderful Rihab
Jul 15th 2014
Khadijah I really can't wait.....when is the next part coming? Khadijah
Jul 13th 2014
fatimah Okay i have sent the last part.....hope it will be coming soon ^_^. Fatimah
Jul 11th 2014
Laibah NO offense to tooba i just read her sorry comment Laibah
Jul 11th 2014
Laibah Buss, fatima, tum ne hamay buht dinou se suspense dil wayah hai. ab part 7 post kar bhi lo. shukar hai abhi tak suhaib ne iss par to apna pagal sa comment nahi chapa. THANK GOD!!! ~_~ #keepingcalm Laibah
Jul 9th 2014
Laibah Haha @fatima! Laibah
Jul 8th 2014
Munkashay Coooool....! Munkashay
Jul 7th 2014
Tooba @laibah Some things r best remained unknown ;) Tooba
Jul 6th 2014
 яυмαιsα I don't know, but for some reason I read that "AHAHAHAHA" of your's as Aloha. And go to your email(which of course you would've entered)and maybe you will have a mail, about verification of your account and then you can see the password and probably JOIN QUOTEV(btw I have 207 followers o'er there,HAH how's THAT?) яυмαιsα
Jul 6th 2014
Muhammad Wow, where are they? Waiting... Muhammad
Jul 5th 2014
kanza Wow another great part waiting for the last one fatima:) Kanza
Jul 5th 2014
fatimah Ahahaha Rumaisa, the thing is i made an account there but it was weeks ago n now i forgot the password lol....thats soooo me. don't worry guys u will have to wait a few more weeks for the last part.....heheheheh *Evil Laughter* Fatimah
Jul 5th 2014
 яυмαιsα You fudging join Quotev right now Miss, and post the whole story over there, or else........ яυмαιsα
Jul 5th 2014
Laibah WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how can this be possible? send the last part too pls and btw i wonder how many fatimas are on vshine Laibah
Jul 4th 2014
Tooba Send the next part soon Tooba
Jul 4th 2014
Tooba One of the best stories I've ever read Tooba
Jul 4th 2014
Tooba One of the best stories I've ever read Tooba
Jul 4th 2014

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