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Shiraz Larik
Shiraz Larik
Karachi Grammar School
The Mystery Of The Missing Painting (part 2)
Published On Jun 28th 2014
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Next day the three investigators listened in news that another painting is missing. They became worried because yesterday they had solved a mystery. They went to the art gallery for finding clues they found the footprints of the thief. They were happy to find it because now they can solve the mystery easily. The three investigators went back home. Next day they went to the art gallery to find clues suddenly they saw a paper in which there was written that If you want the painting to be returned to the art gallery give me $ 20000 or else you would never get it. They became worried. But then they thought how thief entered the art gallery and escaped from it. Then they saw a window glass broken now they understood that how he entered the art gallery they went from the window and followed the thirds footprints they arrived at a cave they listened the voice of a gang. They called the police to the cave and catch the whole gang. Everyone thanked them. They were very happy to solve another mystery.
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Comments 7
Umair Nice story Umair
Jan 10th 2015
Shaheer Oh I dont have one. Shaheer
Aug 25th 2014
shehram Sorry. I dont have one. :) Shehram
Aug 20th 2014
shiraz Shaheer do you have a gmail ID if you have what is it ? Shiraz
Aug 19th 2014
Shaheer I give you advice. Read Hardy Boys. You will get ideas. I think you are interested in mysteries. So Hardy Boys is good for you. Shaheer
Aug 18th 2014
unaiza Once again it was sooooo easy to investigate..... oh cmon its not just a piece of cake ... you should have made it difficult for the investigators to find the thieves so stilll Keep up the work with the same zeal Unaiza
Jul 4th 2014
Ayesha Superb!!!!!!!!!! Ayesha
Jun 28th 2014

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