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Armeen Ahmed
Armeen Ahmed
Published On Jun 28th 2014
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Many a times
I am out of words
Seems like,
There is nothing to write.
Absolute blankness
I stare out in utter darkness!
It’s a strange feeling,
Of knowing
Yet, being unknown.
Forcing the words out
Never does the trick
Its only when: the words really flow.
The charm of writing
Comes from there then
All of a sudden
The ink leaks
The heart bleeds
The nib scribbles
The words scratched
And soul is at peace.
That contentment which follows!
Oh, how I may define it?
The writer's pleasure they are.
Forever unknown
Yet so deeply felt.
I may write useless
But somehow,
It helps.
To relieve the burden: within.
When the mind feels so light
It’s ready to take the flight.
So later will I visit!
Till then let me flee
Away to far way skies! 
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Comments 4
Anonymous Your vocabulary is outstanding! Anonymous
Jul 24th 2014
Armeen Thank you faryal and rida :') not been active lately. So just found time to reply! You people keep me motivated. Armeen
Jul 15th 2014
Rida Wow i cant belive you................ Rida
Jul 13th 2014
Anonymous Great! keep it up... Anonymous
Jul 2nd 2014

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