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Armeen Ahmed
Armeen Ahmed
Words Are Flowing
Published On Jun 28th 2014
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Inspire of all the evil that reigns today. We need to live our lives. That too, in a better way. How does one do that? Being ordinary humans, we have turned selfish to an extent that we don't even give a second thought to others. But the thing to be noticed here is, that it isn't really our fault. The times have changed. The 21st Century has been imposed. With all the ongoing advances in each and every field, human-human interactions have become a rarity.
Believe it or not. How much time do we take out to 'be with' people. Social networking does it all! In doing so the bonds between us humans have weakened. This is not just one reason. A lot of factors combine to give us an impression that today we all have 'trust issues'. The times have forced us to have them. We can't just go on believing each and every one. Cause yes plastic people are so common these days. Maybe you're one too. Maybe I am one too! Everyone in some way or other in order to be better than each other try the foul plays. Deceiving. Acting what you aren't. Copying. Being plastic. Faking. All of this has become a routine.
Isn't it saddening? Today we just can't even trust our best friends. Why? They might change tomorrow. It doesn't even take a day. A moment and all changes. That is the speed our world is progressing at. But is it required? Is it really required in human relations?
A definite no! We need to take time in understanding each other. Having strong and strengthened bonds is what really matters. As they say, making a million friends is no art. But having a friend who'll stay by you when millions are against is the real victory. I myself have so many friends. But do I trust them all? No never. Do I even need them all? Not really. We must sort out who is important. Who holds what place in our lives. Getting to know many people is no big deal. Maintaining those few trusted relations is a big deal!
In times of today, where the bonds between parents & children are even fragile (the most trusted relations), we must re define our lives.
It’s not about having loads of people around. It’s about making sure that the ones you consider as 'my people' remain yours. Trust: carefully. Never to hurt anyone. And be generous in distributing love. But make sure that once you trust a person; they don't deceive you. It takes a lot of time building quality relations. Try maintaining them. People are important in our live, to the extent they influence ours. Make sure you have the cool ones around! *winks*
Let us try to move a step forward. Keeping social networking aside, live a life in the real world too.
PS I write without giving much thought. These are just words that flow. So your comments are appreciated. I don't mind if you have contradicting view. Stay blessed. Happy reading. :)
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Comments 5
Armeen Thank you Ghazal! Armeen
Aug 10th 2014
Ghazal Firdous An Article describing the Fact! Keep up Your Effort Syeda!!! I Loved it! <33 Ghazal Firdous
Jul 26th 2014
Armeen That's great Fatima. I'll check it out :) Armeen
Jul 3rd 2014
Fatima This is a brilliant article and very true. I did something similar to this and it would be great if you could check it out. It's called 'stop judging'. Fatima
Jul 2nd 2014
Armeen *Inspite *Views Armeen
Jun 28th 2014

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