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Shiraz Larik
Shiraz Larik
Karachi Grammar School
The Mystery Of The Missing Painting (part 1)
Published On Jun 27th 2014
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Once upon a time there were three friends named Harris Ali and Ahmed. One day they listened in the news that a painting that costs $5000 is missing. They all gathered in the park and investigated about. Ali said let's go to the art gallery where it was kept. Then they went there and found clues. Harris found a bag in which there were ropes and weapons. They understood that the thief must have forgotten it here. They investigated more but couldn't find any other clue. So they went home. Next day they again went there and suddenly they found a type of cutter. They went to the owner of the art gallery he told them that it could be used to cut the painting which is stolen they investigated more. Than Harris said that we should go and look for the criminals foot print or fingers print so they looked for the criminals foot print. Next day the three of them again went there and asked the guards that do they know anything about how the thief entered the art gallery. But he didn't know anything about how the thief entered art gallery. So they asked where the painting was kept when they took them. They looked there but couldn't find anything. So they asked the owner of the art gallery that Is there any other painting in the art gallery. He said yes and took them to the painting it was hanged on the wall. They took it off they saw that there was big hole on the wall they understood that the thief must had entered the art gallery by this hole. They went through the hole and followed the footprints of the thief and reached a house. They went inside and heard the voices of two men talking about the painting they understood that the men were the thieves. They quickly called the policed the thieves were caught. The painting was returned to the art gallery. The mystery was ended. The owner of the art gallery thanked them. And they got a title. THE THREE INVESTIGATORS
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Comments 2
Shaheer I agree with Unaiza. But still keep it UP Shaheer
Aug 18th 2014
unaiza Seems that the theives weren't trained as they left a hundred clues and made it easy for the children to investigate:) still a good effort! Unaiza
Jul 4th 2014

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