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Muhammad Saad Lakhani
Muhammad Saad Lakhani
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My Villainy Dream
Published On Jun 27th 2014
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Today when I came home from school I was very tired and decided to take a nap. I closed my eyes but opened them again the next minute because of a very strange noise. I was no longer in my room but at Circus Zargoza where Captain Chantel Dubois was running after me with her tranquiller gun. Realizing the trouble in which I was I started to run. Despite my good running a tranquiller dart hit me and I fell down.
When I looked up I was at Treasure Island in front of the Spyglass. Standing some yards from me was Long John Silver. I thought that the Spyglass would be a safer place so I went inside. The moment I entered I knew it was a big mistake.
My surroundings were the dining room of Malfoy Manor and a long table on which Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters were seated. Bellatrix Lestrange was laughing like mad and Draco Malfoy was staring like anything. Suddenly The Dark Lord said Avada Kedavra and there was a blinding green flash. The next thing I knew I was being squeezed from all sides. I realized I was apparating when I was released.
I was in the grasslands of Africa and a thundering of hooves was being heard by me. A herd of wildebeests came in sight along with scar the lion. I knew it was the end so I closed my eyes. Something hit me on my back which I thought was the hooves of the wildebeest. I opened my eyes and was on my bed in my own room. My sisters were hitting me with pillows. Realizing it was just a dream I got up for lunch.
The End
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