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Sadia Maqsood
Sadia Maqsood
Habib Girls's School
How Alina Became A Thief
Published On Jun 27th 2014
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Alina was an honest and trustworthy girl who was popular in her school and liked by everyone, except of course, a few rivals. But one day Alina became a thief!
That day, Javeria happened to visit Miss Nilofer’s room to consult her regarding an art assignment. She glanced inside her room which had all of Miss Nilofer’s belongings but Miss Nilofer herself. Javeria was about to turn away, but suddenly she came to a halt. There was someone in the corner of the room where Miss Nilofer’s locker was. Javeria quickly moved to a side so that she could spy without being seen and what she saw took her breath away! She saw Alina searching something in Miss Nilofer’s locker and very boldly too! Having successfully found a packet of crayons, she slipped it inside her pocket.
“Aha! So the famous Alina stole a packet of crayons from Miss Nilofer’s locker!” thought Javeria who had been watching this show with great interest. “And how did she manage to get the key from Miss Nilofer? Must’ve stolen it! Thinks she’s very smart, huh? Well, I’m smarter than her and I’m going to tell each and every soul in the school that she is a thief for they all ought to know!”
And off went Javeria to tell ‘each and every soul in the school’ what she had just seen, for this girl envied Alina very much and was always looking for a chance to make others dislike her.
“How do you know that?” asked Marium, who couldn’t believe her ears.
“I saw everything from my own eyes!” said Javeria and gladly repeated the whole story over and over again to every ‘soul’ she met, adding little titbits.
This news spread around the whole school like wildfire and murmurs suddenly broke out.
“I never in my wildest dreams thought that Alina would do such a thing!”
“She’s a nasty, untrustworthy, dishonest and horrid girl!”
“I’ll never in my life talk to Alina again.”
And Javeria was beside herself with joy to see all of Alina’s friends against her. She spent the whole day, proudly repeating the whole story to everyone she met on the way.
By the next day, Alina had no friends left. She was very shocked to see everyone ignoring her and making faces at her whenever they saw her. At first, she thought it was a joke, but the joke was getting a bit too far. She couldn’t understand what the matter was. Whenever she would approach anyone, they would turn their back on her and whispering would start, and the only word she could catch was ‘thief’.
However, when this news reached the ears of Alina’s best friend Areeba, she didn’t believe in a single word. “You’re a liar and you’re making it up! Alina would never do such a thing!” she glowered at Javeria who was presently carrying a survey around the school to make sure that ‘each and every soul’ had heard the news and that Alina hadn’t a single friend left. “Well, if you don’t believe me, why don’t you go and ask your best friend yourself!”  said Javeria.
Areeba, in a rage, strode off to find Alina. It was recess but Alina was nowhere to be found in the cafeteria for she was very sad as no one would talk to her. Areeba found her sitting in the classroom, faced towards the window and quietly sobbing. She tried her best to be polite and console her. “Alina, I…” she began but to her utter astonishment, Alina yelled, “I know what you’re here to tell me! Go away and don’t ever come to me again!” Alina didn’t even bother to turn back and see who it was. She thought it was one of the girls coming to call her a ‘thief’ and say things to her of which she hadn’t the slightest idea just like everyone had been doing the whole day.
“Well!” said Areeba looking redder than ever. “Don’t you ever talk to me again!”
Alina abruptly turned around for the voice was familiar to her, but it was too late! Areeba was furiously marching out of the room.
“Oh dear!” thought Alina in despair. “What have I done?” Alina cried and cried. Why was everyone calling her a thief? She hadn’t a single clue what was going on.
At that moment, someone entered the classroom. But it wasn’t one of the girls now; it was Miss Nilofer who had come to place a pile of books on her table. She was shocked to find Alina sitting alone and crying! “My dear, what’s the matter?” she asked in her politest tone.
“Oh, Miss Nilofer!” said Alina with a sob. “Everyone is calling me a ‘thief’. Nobody is talking to me and I haven’t a single friend left!”
“Of course, you aren’t a thief, my dear”, said Miss Nilofer. “I trust you. Wait till the girls come back and I’ll ask them what this story is all about.”
When the girls came back after recess, they were surprised to find Miss Nilofer waiting for them and at once gauged by her stern expression that something was wrong. “Who says that Alina is a thief?” she asked in a cross voice. The girls stole quick glances, and then Nida stood up to speak, “Miss Nilofer, I say that Alina is a thief.”
“How can you prove that?” asked Miss Nilofer with a frown.
“Sadaf told me that, so you should ask her”, said Nida. When Sadaf was asked the same question, she said that Amna had told her, and when Amna was asked, it was discovered that Nimra had told her. In this way, different names were called for none of the girls had actually seen Alina stealing and they didn’t dare say a word to Miss Nilofer about it as they didn’t have ‘proof’. Finally, Javeria’s name was called and this was what she was so desperately waiting for!
 “Oh Miss Nilofer!” began Javeria pretending to be very shocked. “I know you won’t believe me for you trust Alina very much and we all did. But I saw Alina stealing a packet of crayons from your locker although she knows that we’re not allowed to even enter your room...” Miss Nilofer turned redder and redder as Javeria told the whole story and the class was petrified by the look on her face. Whatever was Miss Nilofer going to do?
When Javeria had finally finished her story which seemed never-ending, Miss Nilofer glared at her fiercely. The class was puzzled. Why was Miss Nilofer glaring at Javeria instead of Alina? Miss Nilofer grinded her teeth and roared, “Well Missy! I believe in every single word of your story and it’s true that Alina took a packet of crayons from my locker. Now let me bring into our kind notice that it was I who told Alina to take a packet of crayons from my locker because she had forgotten to bring her own and she had to do her art assignment today. You made your made-up story famous around the whole school and made everyone think that Alina was a thief. You should be ashamed of yourself!”
Javeria was trembling all over and the girls stared at her as if ready to crush her into pieces. She was forced to say ‘sorry’ to Alina. Alina was really very cross, but at the same time delighted to have all her friends back. Everything was back to normal again after a great big drama caused by a little misunderstanding.
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Comments 13
hafsa The title should not be 'How Alina became a thief' ,because she wasn't a real thief. any way nice story. don't mind because it's an advice Hafsa
Oct 28th 2017
Maida Very goood happened with javeria,the liar Maida
Mar 17th 2016
Admin @Sadia Maqsood... you are required to send your complete address and cellphone no. at our email address your above story was published in August 2014 entitled "How Alina Became A Thief", we apologize to contact you too late... a complimentary letter and cheque is sent to the story writers getting a full page in magazine... your info is required in order to send these ...thnx Admin Admin
Oct 6th 2015
Sadia Congratulations Laiba :) But I can't see your story in the August issue. Are you talking about the online publishing? Sadia
Aug 14th 2014
Aug 4th 2014
Sadia Thanks for the appreciation (: Sadia
Aug 2nd 2014
Wafa You really should be the winner AMAZING STORY Wafa
Jul 29th 2014
Laibah Should be the winner ;) "wink"! Laibah
Jul 19th 2014
Marwa Marvelous !!!!!! Marwa
Jul 17th 2014
Marwa Marvelous !!!!!! Marwa
Jul 17th 2014
Bushra GR8 story. love it alot. Bushra
Jul 16th 2014
HAFSA I love it:) excellent Hafsa
Jul 8th 2014
Zahra Nice :) Zahra
Jul 5th 2014

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