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Fatima  Khan
Fatima Khan
Pakistan International School Es - Jeddah
Wake Up!!
Published On Jun 27th 2014
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I feel so insignificant. So worthless. How despicable I am. How despicable this wretched world is, accustomed to luxuries, taking for granted everything they have, while so many people in so many places are bombed to the ground. So many people are riddled with holes bullets made, so many starved, so many with parched throats, thirsting for water. There are hundreds that are torn from their families, oppressed by cruel tyrants and yet we stand here, unaware, uncaring, wrapped up in our own materialistic lives. We, the worst pain to who is no internet, the severest ordeal a missed party. What do we know about pain and hardship? What are we anyway? And what, most importantly, makes someone think that they have the right to hold up a weapon, terrorize another human being and take away something that so doesn’t belong to the, a life? Of course all this is at the hands of no one but mankind. Yes, us!! We, who give more importance to animals than we do to humans. Most fortunate people dwell safely in their homes, although no credit of that can be given to them. It’s just a matter of luck that someone was born in a castle, with endless servants to attend to every need and some are born in slum dwellings with hardship inflicted upon them. It breaks my heart to see fellow humans being targeted by no other than their own species.
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Comments 2
Aliza  Wow so so........... i am speechless this article is fabulous....... Aliza
Oct 26th 2015
Fatima Make sure to leave a comment sharing your opinions about my article. Hope you like it!! Fatima
Jun 28th 2014

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