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Fatima  Khan
Fatima Khan
Pakistan International School Es - Jeddah
How To Make Your Summer Productive
Published On Jun 27th 2014
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Summer. The time where we all can start afresh, make memories, rekindle old friendships and begin new ones. The eagerly awaited months come promisingly enough, but after a few days we are resorted to the same routine every day. So how to beat the tediousness and boredom?
Summer is full of countless possibilities and achievements we can accomplish, if only we set our minds to it. This year instead of the usual lack of activity, use your time to start an organization to create awareness of the reluctance to recycle, tendency to abuse animals and bullying. Remember, banishing ignorance can be very beneficial. Another thing to do this summer is socialize with strangers (don’t listen to this if you’re in a dark alley). This probably goes against everything you heard in your childhood, but you will find that surrounding yourself with the right sort of new people, hearing their opinions and ideas and introducing yourself to unique and different things will broaden your mind. If you’re a fan of literature, then why not write a book? It can be about absolutely anything. Just remember, your book doesn’t have to be perfect. Imagination has no limits so just be creative and imaginative and you might just create a masterpiece. Another great idea that you can put into action this summer is renovating your room. Clean out the junk and you’ll be surprised to see how spacious your room looks. After that, just get creative. Sticking brightly coloured dots on your wardrobe, painting your mirror or just adding a few plants will instantly make your room more personalized and relaxing.
These are just some of the ideas that can make your summer more enjoyable and memorable. Just make sure you spend lots of quality time with your friends and family and take some time out for yourself too.
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Jun 28th 2014

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