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Fatima  Khan
Fatima Khan
Pakistan International School Es - Jeddah
Stop Judging!!!
Published On Jun 27th 2014
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"Ew! Look at that girl clothes! They are so old!""where did that guy get that watch from, the dollar store?" Okay, so you're probably reading these statements all like "that's so mean!" But honey, admit it, you ain't no stranger to these remarks! In fact, you might be the just the one uttering these snide observations. So, lemme just ask you this. Who are you to judge?? Every day, we hear people discussing and jeering at innocent victims of bullying and rather than countering it, we join in in the repulsion just to entertain our peers. Honestly, people like you don't deserve a point of view if the only thing you can see is you. Stop looking at yourself for a moment. So that girl wears all black every day. So that guy shaved his head. So that girl has frizzy hair. Totally cool. Some people don't really like colors, others might want to support a cancer patient by shaving their hair. Some girls don't like to fry their hair with strengtheners everyday just to straighten it. So what if that guy has pimples? Maybe he just doesn't like painting his face with concealer. The girl you just called fat might just be on diet pills. The point to all this is, you have no idea what other people are going through and how much pain they might be in. But instead of consoling them and making them feel like home, you friggin annoy the junk outta them and make their life a living nightmare by your very 'creative' insulting comments. Well, guess what? You aren't perfect either son!! You have those moments too where everyone seems to hate you and your appearance is never right. You have some insecurity too. So stop trynna be perfect!!! And by that I mean stop acting like everyone is beneath you in appearance, wealth or health. Less unfortunate people deserve kindness and comfort. Not your torrent of filthy tongue lashing. Because, seriously that is NOT cool. Bullying is a vile, disgusting thing and all those dumb bullies out there should really take a dose of common sense and stop what they’re doing because in my opinion, bullies are heartless cruel tyrants that deserve to go deserve to go down in history. So the moral of the story is, stop judging people unless you're like, perfect or something. And since that is pretty much impossible, stop judging!! And to all those people who are being made to feel like dirt, just remember, you are beautiful. Only god can judge you, so forget the hater cuz somebody loves you.
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Comments 10
Jungkook's Good. Jungkook's
Aug 21st 2016
Aliza  Awesome work Aliza
Aug 20th 2015
jasmine Awesome Jasmine
Feb 18th 2015
Fatima Thanks y'all for your amazing and positive comment!! Fatima
Jul 25th 2014
Gul Noor Honestly, I DO judge people. Or mabye, DID. Your article might help. I'll try my best to stop. Secondly, guyzzXz, comment on my article. It's my first. I was not expecting it to get approved but it did. You can say it's boring. Once again, Fatimah, GREAT. Gul Noor
Jul 20th 2014
Salwa Fatima please write God with capital "G" ..secondly , really loved your article , totally based on today's main problem with youngsters especially.keep going girl!! Salwa
Jul 6th 2014
Armeen This is a good one. We really as a society need to stop being judgemental. Armeen
Jul 3rd 2014
aeman Fatima i try my best to not use this remarks....but gud article... Aeman
Jul 1st 2014
Eraj It is a very Good Artice fatima!!! Eraj
Jun 30th 2014
Fatima Make sure to leave a comment sharing your opinions about my article. Happy reading!! Fatima
Jun 28th 2014

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