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Nubera Ahmed
Nubera Ahmed
Beacon House School System (jtc)
The Gang Robbery
Published On Jun 27th 2014
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12:00 at midnight Jamie, Dan, Jennifer and tom covered in tattoos were planning to rob the bank and steal the billionaire’s safe, excitement was in the air. Don with a fervour “hey going to Miami hah” For what said Jamie “for the race man the race of money “Tom with a thrill. Jennifer “I’m coming too”. There cam the sound of the engines roaring, the four accelerated their cars and began the race. Time passed like the speed of light and then came the desert the tunnel of death. The cars speeding up went straight into the tunnel entrance. Inside came the iron poles. The cars zoomed past leaving mere dust behind. The gangsters hooted out aloud. Finally they arrived at the start of the mission the bank Robbery. They all stopped Jamie and Jennifer went to the exit. Tom and Dan went inside as FBI agents for investigation of illegal money in the safe. Don asked the lady on the reception guide us to the way to the vault, it is FBI. They showed their fake Ids. She hesitated but guided them with three security guards and went away. They busted the guards and shot them with a silencer gun in the head. Tom scanned the finger prints of the billionaire’s and opened the vault. Then the alarm rang and Jamie and Jennifer quickly loaded the money. The police came rushing behind the truck, which sway side to side. Jamie suddenly put on the brakes and all the police cars smashed and crashed on each other. At the end of the road an underground secret tunnel opened and the truck went inside with the money.
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Comments 4
Shaheer FINE Shaheer
Aug 18th 2014
Marwa Nice :-) Marwa
Jul 17th 2014
Marwa Nice :-) Marwa
Jul 17th 2014
Bushra Good one :-) Bushra
Jul 16th 2014

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