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Fatimah Latif
Fatimah Latif
Lucifer (part 5)
Published On Jun 27th 2014
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 “The reports indicate nothing serious. So there is nothing to worry about just make her to take her medication daily” said Dr. Akron.
“That’s good. I was so worried for she has never been so shaken …well, except…on her mothers’…well thanks anyways doctor Akron” said my dad, who was trying really hard to keep me away from touchy topics like mum but his efforts were merely a fail. He looked at me with concern.
“How are you felling?” he asked with the usual ashamedness in his voice.
“Fine. Can we go now?” I asked for I would give anything to get away from this room which slightly reminded me of the bathrooms back at the school because of its white walls.
Back in the car dad’s sorrow filled words started to flood out “…I can’t believe it, I mean you have never been this sick before…but will you please tell me what’s the matter?….you never looked so sick…something must have happened…how could I let this happen to you, I should have called….or maybe…”
“Hey dad, stop blaming everything on yourself. I am perfectly fine; nothing happened I just hadn’t recovered from my previous injury that’s why I passed out that’s all….” I said slightly annoyed.
“I think you are hiding something from me” he said, but didn’t push me further because he knew I won’t tell him.
“Just take care, ok?” he said as he dropped me off at my school. I saw him drive away and then turned to face the wretched school. A shiver, that had nothing to do with the surrounding wind, ran down my spine. I entered the school only for everyone to stare at me like I was some kind of celebrity; the thing was they weren’t staring at me for my talents like people usually do when they stare at their favourite stars, but they were staring at me like I was new here and was walking with my eyes closed bumping off walls.
Katie launched herself at me as I entered our room. At first I thought she was attacking me but instead she hugged me tight, tears filling her eyes.
“Oh I am so sorry for making you angry when I knew you are so sensitive and were at that moment under stress. How are you feeling?” she asked as she let go of me.
“Gee people! I just passed out. What’s the big deal? First dad now you. Do I have to sign a contract for never fainting again?”
“This is not funny Bec. I was so worried well forget that now, all that matters is that you are ok” she said smiling.
The next day was rather awkward. Everyone just stared at me but no one said anything not even the famous Jessica or Jake. They just made faces when I passed by. All this wasn’t as disturbing as Katie. She was acting very odd, not that she wasn’t talking to me, but her voice had that tone of guilt like she was ashamed to talk to me.
“Hey! Aren’t you excited about the Halloween dance tonight?” I asked breaking the silence at our lunch table.
“Um, well I was thinking not to go” she replied while poking her macaroni.
“Why? C’mon you waited for this all year and now you don’t want to go” I said surprised “And what about the vampire costume you bought?”
“It’s just that I kind of am worried about you” she said with her eyes on her plate but I wasn’t sure if she meant it because there was still a tone of awkwardness in her voice.
“What? Now I am the child? Hey we aren’t playing mother and daughter. I will be fine anyways I have to complete my coursework” I said remembering the horror of work load waiting for me.
“Are you sure?” she asked and for a minute I saw a red gleam in her eyes.
“Of course! Oh and by the way when did you buy new contact lenses? I see many wearing it now a days.” I said.
She looked up surprised.
“I am not wearing any contact lenses”
I looked at her and saw her natural brown eyes.
“Oh! Must be mistaken” I said still a bit confused.
“So you think you can help me with that stupid course work?” I said as I glanced at her and to my amazement she wasn’t looking at me. She was looking at someone behind me. I turned and my gaze met with Jake and Jessica. They were glaring but not at me…at Katie. It was as if some connection was going on between them.
“Hello? Earth calling” I said moving my hands in front of Katie’s face. It broke her connection and she looked at me angrily, her eyes were bursting with rage.
“What’s up with the eye thingy and why were you staring at them” I asked pointing at those freaks. They had also gone back to doing what they usually did-bullying.
“ don’t feel well, I need to go” she said as if I were some person annoying her instead of her best friend.
“Hey I thought…” and she was gone just like that-puff.
What is wrong with her? She has never acted like this before…and what was that with her, Jake and Jessica? I thought. I suddenly felt like an odd one out. Being her best friend and not knowing anything, like she was hiding something.
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Comments 20
Maheen Awesome Maheen
Aug 4th 2017
Fatima I love it I cant stop reading itp Fatima
Jun 9th 2017
Farishta I like devil stories I mean not only devil novels but depressing novels. My fav author is Edgar Allen Poe, H.G Wells and Guy de mu passant. I enjoyed it:} Farishta
Dec 6th 2014
fatimah Thanks alot Marwa :D Fatimah
Jul 25th 2014
Marwa Love your story Fatimah !! GOING TO THE NEXT PART !!! Marwa
Jul 17th 2014
Laibah Buss, fatima, tum ne hamay buht dinou se suspense dil wayah hai. ab part 7 post kar bhi lo aur suhaib tum is ki NOT "bekaar" story peh comment bhi kyou karte ho? are you forced to do it? and btw, tum khud hi apne 5 ghante is par waste karte ho to iss mein hamari kya ghalti hai keh tum itne SLOW reader ho? Laibah
Jul 9th 2014
fatimah Kanza dont waste ur time, just ignore like we do... (^_^) Fatimah
Jul 6th 2014
suhaib Tum to Fatima ki dost banti ho.tum. Kharch jar lo😃! Suhaib
Jul 5th 2014
kanza Suhaib tumhein kisi ne 5 ghante kharch krne ki dawat bhi nhi di Kanza
Jul 5th 2014
fatimah Yep thats right Munkashay... Fatimah
Jul 5th 2014
suhaib 5ghantay kown is lambi kahani Lucifer per kharch karay. Suhaib
Jul 4th 2014
Laibah Umm ok............ i guess............ Laibah
Jul 4th 2014
Munkashay According to what I read in a novel, Lucifer is some kind of devil, is that correct? Munkashay
Jul 4th 2014
fatimah Am fine Fatima, thanks for the praise. no i haven't read Heroes of Olympus , i just finished reading the Percy Jackson and the battle of the labyrinth, finally i got a hand on that one. oh n Lucifer means Devil. dont worry guys i have already sent the next part (which is the second last part) and thanks soo much you allll :) :* Fatimah
Jul 3rd 2014
kanza Wow fatima i love your story write the next part soon:) Kanza
Jul 3rd 2014
Tooba Can someone tellme what is the "lucifier" Tooba
Jul 3rd 2014
Tooba Hello Fatimah how are you? This story is seriously wickedly awesome. I don't know why but I just love when the main character is injured or something like that. Write next part soon btw have u read heroes of Olympus? Tooba
Jul 3rd 2014
fatimah Well Laibah instead of wasting my time and urs i just jumped to the main topic :) thanks Ayesha. Fatimah
Jul 2nd 2014
Laibah Part 6? btw, i noticed that in part 4, in the end she had collappsed but u didnt mention it here. why? Laibah
Jul 1st 2014
Irum I like it! Irum
Jun 30th 2014

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