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Areesha  Fatima
Areesha Fatima
Sadeqain Grammar School
Once Upon A
Published On Jun 27th 2014
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Once upon a time in a jungle there lived a poor old man and his old wife. The poor man cuts down the woods and sells them in city. They had no children. One day, the poor man was at his work suddenly he felt lot of thirst. He looked here and there in the search of water. Suddenly he saw a pool of water and he ran to drink it. He drank small amount of water then he saw his face in the pool and he was surprised. His white beard became black and the white hair on his head became black and the next moment, he became a healthy young man. It was magical water! then he went to his house and told his wife about the water. She also became happy and asked that where that pool is? Her husband said 'i will take you to the pool' but she refused and said ' you better have a rest here and i will go alone'. Then the man stayed at house and the woman went running to the pool. Once she sat and thought ' the more water i will drink the younger i will be!' then she drank lots and lots of water. At home, the man waited and waited for his wife, and then he decided to go there by himself. He went there and saw his wife's clothes. He moved the clothes and saw a 2 years old baby girl. He understood everything. Then quietly, he took the baby and went to his house.
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Comments 22
Shaheer Ya its sherri i thnk Shaheer
Jun 25th 2015
Areesha Were u?? i remember somebody's name was scarlet....Scarlet Rose..maybe Shehram Choudary Areesha
Apr 5th 2015
Shaheer Hey areesha. Who is scarlet here?? Shaheer
Feb 10th 2015
AINA Advance Eid Mubarak Aina
Oct 4th 2014
Areesha Aina no need of sorry. Studying is more important than talking. So keep studying and score good marks:) I was also hving monthly tests and they ended on 19 sep Areesha
Sep 20th 2014
AINA Ohh sorry my monthly test have been started so that's why i cant talk to anyone my name is aina my age is 11 i read in class 6 my school name is Frontier youth's academy i have 2 brother's and 2 sisters with me Aina
Sep 19th 2014
Areesha Aina don't say no one answer u. Hibba haq answers u na? Areesha
Sep 12th 2014
Areesha I hve 1 brother. we are two. i didn't hve sisters. and introduce yourself. what's your age,which class which school etc how many bro sisters u hve? Areesha
Sep 12th 2014
Areesha No Aina don't be sad:) i talk to everyone. actually you send messages at time i was not free. don't think that i talk to every one except you Areesha
Sep 12th 2014
AINA Plz talk with me Aina
Sep 12th 2014
AINA Plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz Aina
Sep 12th 2014
AINA Hey can u plz talk with me plz I m talking with every1 but no 1 answer me Aina
Sep 11th 2014
AINA Beautiful and nyc i like too much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aina
Sep 10th 2014
AINA Hey areesha how r u i like u very much and can u plz tell me how many bro sis r u Aina
Sep 10th 2014
Areesha Hey Khadija how r u? Areesha
Sep 8th 2014
khadija Hi areesha Khadija
Sep 7th 2014
Areesha Scarlet are you Muslim? Please don't mind its just a question. Areesha
Aug 21st 2014
shehram LOL there is a moral. Shehram
Aug 19th 2014
abeera Good and funny.I like it! Abeera
Aug 5th 2014
Laibah Hahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! myc story. y no moral? Laibah
Jul 19th 2014
mahrukh Awesome....................... Mahrukh
Jul 19th 2014
Sarim Nice story the old lady had no brain Sarim
Jul 5th 2014

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