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Safia Baig
Safia Baig
Little Hearts School Under Parsi Administration
Published On Jun 19th 2014
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Photography is such an awesome job! It’s just not art much more than it. As one artist portrait a beautiful scene on his canvas in the same way a photographer capture that beautiful scene and store it in his camera. Nowadays people choosing it as their profession and other might be as their hobby. Here we will discuss something interesting about this interesting job Photography.
How to Capture a perfect photo:-
Be a good photographer you must have a good Digital or DSLR camera. Now set your camera at the highest resolution to get the highest quality pics. Set the automatic mode and focus it on a object or a person you are going to click a photo, poor focus can ruined the picture. Practice makes perfect if you practice enough soon you will be able to capture a good photo.
Finding Photo Opportunities:-
Take your camera everywhere and look for photo opportunities.
You can also create environment for it with your family and friends. See the world differently and click the photo of scene, places and people. It’s not important that place or people should be so beautiful for photography it’s the photographer and his art whom make their photographs beautiful.
Photo Editing Software’s and Apps:-
There are many photo editors on web which can make your photograph more interesting, you will find many photo editing software’s for your android or smart phones. The best among them are Instagram,Retrica,Fotor,Pizap,Pixlr art etc. Here you could crop,rotate, add text and add many effects to your photographs, You can also make collages.
Photography Techniques :-
There are many photography techniques, Some of Top 10 among them are given below:
1)      Epic panoramic and 3D photography
2)     Spectacular High speed photography
3)     Fantastic time lapse photography
4)     Inspiring infrared photography
5)     Nuanced Night photography
6)     Mold Breaking Black and White photography
7)     Masterful Monochromatic photography
8)     Mesmerizing Reflection and mirror photography
9)     Head twisting Tilt Shift photography
10) Pinhole and Photogram photography
Tips for Good Photography:-
Here are few tips which will help you in taking good photographs:-
1)      Keep you lens clean
2)     Try an interesting angle
3)     Avoiding blurry photographs
4)     Focus on your Object
5)     Be-ready moments come and go quickly
6)     Always check your camera setting
7)     Get your camera at the highest resolution
8)     Practice!!!!!
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Comments 1
Rihab Sooo cool ,but u should hav added that photography of things with life in them,like drawing with life in them too,is wrong in islam Rihab
Jul 4th 2015

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