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Armeen Ahmed
Armeen Ahmed
Published On Jun 19th 2014
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Late at night. I sat and thought. What if I wasn't here? Would that have made any difference? My mind immediately shouted an answer: No, idiot. The world would go on as usual.
Then the whisperings of the heart began. Which spoke from within. Being the guidance. The world didn't stop. Nor it will. Even though thousands die each day. Why should it? The nature is there. The  rituals will keep on going. You can't put a halt to anything.
But. You're the chosen one. You've been blessed with the opportunity to live. When thousands die each day, you keep on living. Don't you see? Each day of yours is the chance. To live not. Not merely wasting oxygen. But. Creating some difference. Don't you see it still? You're important to your family. You hold some importance among friends. You're a human. Sent on Earth, to make a difference.
The day will come. As it has to come. When you'll be buried. Beneath the ground. Yet, before that. You must leave a mark: upon the ground.
I paused and reflected again. To my heart I said, in a voice shaking with doubts. "How will I do it? I am not good enough. The challenges of this world are overwhelming. I'll be crushed in this race. And die unnamed. I fear it, dear heart. Yet I guess you're not so right. The mind is being more logical. Please don't provoke me for things seemingly impossible."
The never hopeless heart whispered again. "For you’re wrong this time. Plunge into the ocean of challenges, you'll find your way through. Go deep in to the wonders of impossibilities, you'll realize nothing being impossible. Why must you think in the capacity of your box only? It will only give you surface logical answers. Deep down. You must survive to go further beyond. It’s there, where the reality lies. Of what we call: Life."
We all are endowed with life. Not for the sake of the years we live. But to compile the life: lived, within each moment.
Now the quest is: How many of us can do it?
I am ready to give it a try. Are you?
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Comments 7
Armeen Saaaadiaaa. Bus shuru hojaaen aap her jagah. Bus importance dekhen aap mere. Duh :P Armeen
Jun 25th 2014
Sadia "You hold some importance among friends. You're a human. Sent on Earth, to make a difference." Yes you are imporatant. If you weren't here , it would've made a lot of difference to me :p Sadia
Jun 25th 2014
Armeen Yes exactly. Our deeds must live on :) and they do. So let's make them good ones. Armeen
Jun 25th 2014
Anonymous Yup! i'm ready, it's very interesting article... "we all die, the goal isn't to live forever, the goal is to create something that will" Anonymous
Jun 24th 2014
Armeen Ayesha Thank you :) Fatima, couldn't agree more. That is exactly my point. Remembered or forgotten we just need to focus on doing our part well. Living a life with a purpose. That is what defines us. Armeen
Jun 21st 2014
Fatima We think leaving a mark I necessary. Without the world to remember us, we will perish. Doomed. We become legends and think "now we will be remembered" but still we are forgotten. Ask yourself, is it really so necessary to be remembered? Well, ofcourse it is. But walk on the earth with calming dignity, for we will only be remembered when we are long gone, dissolved into dust. Walk with a purpose. Life is too short to keep thinking about a way to make them remember. We will be forgotten no matter what. The only thing we can do is make our life wirth living. Not for them, but for ourselves' Fatima
Jun 21st 2014
Ayesha Yes! nice article. Ayesha
Jun 21st 2014

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