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Shehryar Larik
Shehryar Larik
Bay View Academy
Are Criminals Really Evil?
Published On Jun 16th 2014
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Are Criminals really evil? At first our preconception would be yes, definitely. But we don't take into account what makes a person criminal. The answer lies in the fact that circumstances make then indulge in devious acts. As per a sociologist all people in the society are conformists, it means that all people in the society try to achieve their goals or success (money, luxurious lifestyles etc) by peaceful means but due to the harsh circumstances they are forced to achieve it through deviant means. Therefore people become inclined towards criminal acts. The question arises what are those circumstances? The major reason is the widened gap between the status of rich and poor people. The poor are deprived in all spheres of life. From the occupation to the accommodation they have, they are simply inferior and the attitude of rich towards poor is mournful. Once again the education is a key reason. As the people who are not able to get education (once again poor or the people who are landlords and due to their ignorance they do not consider education important) are more prone to get involved in crimes. They cannot discriminate between the right and wrong path. Another reason commonly found amongst teenagers is the thrill and excitement on living on the "edge". They do not have to do crime to fulfil their necessities but they do it just in order to get excitement. Due to the following reasons many people are indulging in evil acts. As the members of society we are also responsible for segregation of poor people. Zakat is the fourth pillar of Islam. If the wealth circulates from the well being to the needy people, everyone would be able to live a comfortable life. But nowadays people are busy in hoarding the money. Instead of providing shelter to the helpless orphans we reject them and taunt them on their helplessness. So these children are brainwashed by the devils in societies. Sometimes people who commit a crime are caught and then punished, but once they are through this phase they may want to improve their character. What happens to them is that they are labelled as "criminals" already. Then onwards they find it difficult to succeed in their lives, they do not get jobs on basis of their past mistakes and in society they are isolated. In this gloom and doom they have no choice but to continue the devious acts in order to survive and they develop a "Deviant Career". After analysing the various aspects of how some people become criminals and what are the circumstances which make some people criminals I would refer back to the topic "Are Criminals really evil?" In my view we should look at various aspects and try to identify the elements of the society which are more prone to become criminals. The government and the entire well off members of the society should try to improve their life standards. We should eliminate the factors that make a person criminal. It is a continuous and hard effort, but if we see in long term it would enable a safe environment for all the society On other hand the deprived people should not become criminals, as it is no solution for their problems but they should work hard to improve their condition. In the end I would like to emphasize again on the fact that criminals may not be evil but the bitterness of the circumstances is a prelude to becoming evil.
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Comments 4
Shehryar I explained it vividly in my last para that criminals are condemnable, but we should also take into account the circumstances that make them criminal.I was not making excuse for them but instead rationally pointing out a hidden aspect that we neglect often,which is what makes a person criminal. Shehryar
Jun 29th 2014
Fatima Finding excused for criminals doesn't make them any less repulsive and evil Fatima
Jun 24th 2014
Jun 17th 2014
Jun 17th 2014

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