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Fatima  Khan
Fatima Khan
Pakistan International School Es - Jeddah
Why Homemade Food Is A Blessing
Published On Jun 19th 2014
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'Ugh! why isn't this line moving?" These sounds, combined with the pungent aroma of stale food, greet us when we step into the cafeteria. This sticky situation has one simple solution; homemade food.
 Choosing homemade food over the stale canteen food has numerous benefits. First of all, homemade food is a lot healthier. Believe it or not, I actually found a fly in a donut purchased from the canteen. I don't think flies are very healthy. Another thing, we don't actually know how old the food in the cafeteria is. I wouldn't put it past the cafe staff to give us a week old doughnut.
we have to admit, bringing homemade food costs us time. But I believe it's totally worth it, as fixing our own food for lunch sparks imagination and creativity inside us and unveils the secret master chef that we all are. Food from the canteen is also a lot less hygienic and a lot more fattening than homemade food.
Standing in long queue also takes up a lot of time student could have used to cram the periodic table in their brain. Vast amounts of money are also wasted on purchased food, which I think is extremely unnecesaary.
I think I've convinced everyone that compared to canteen food, homemade food is positively divine
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Comments 5
Gul Noor Wow, so true.. there was a FRIED MOSQUITO in my samosa, the same fate, I guess... Gul Noor
Jul 19th 2014
Ayesha Good nice job and thank you for sending me request Ayesha
Jun 26th 2014
Ayesha Good nice job and thank you for sending me request Ayesha
Jun 26th 2014
areesha You are right fatima homemade food is best for us, nice. Areesha
Jun 24th 2014
Fatima Make sure to leave a comment sharing your opinions about my article. Happy reading!! Fatima
Jun 21st 2014

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