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Abeera Farhan
Abeera Farhan
Sadequain Grammar School
The Overnight Trip
Published On Jun 19th 2014
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Our cousin’s marriage was in Sahiwal but monsoon season was at its peak. So we set off with lots of precautions and Good Lucks, but these didn't last for long and a really heavy rain started and the tyre of our car got burst so we stopped. Suddenly, I saw something in the woods and screamed. Everyone got scared but my father gave me a slap on the back saying that it was just a tree. I climbed out of the car to hold an umbrella for my father. At once, someone caught a hold of my foot, once again I screamed and everyone looked at me in horror. Again my furious father gave me a slap saying that it was just a branch. So I climbed back inside the car, put my head on my lap and went to sleep so that I don't get anymore scares. After a while, I opened my eyes and saw that we had finally reached our destination. I had never been so relieved to see people and lights.  
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Comments 37
sajahir Can't stop laughing Sajahir
Nov 26th 2016
Habiba I Love it Habiba
Apr 30th 2015
Tooba Oh my gosh cant stop laughing nice Tooba
Mar 24th 2015
Tooba Oh my gosh cant stop laughing nice Tooba
Mar 24th 2015
abeera I have seen a few episodes of prettyrythm. i am watching black butler and love it so far. seen pokemon, u r right who has'nt :) Abeera
Mar 6th 2015
Munkashay I've also seen Pretty Rhythm. And Tokyo Ghoul and Black Butler. Pokemon and Beyblade well, who hasn't watched 'em? Munkashay
Mar 6th 2015
abeera Btw 1 anime i recommend most is wolf girl n black prince...........oh and also president is maid.both r awesome Abeera
Feb 25th 2015
abeera Sket dance has many sweet n tragic stories especially stories of the three main characters Abeera
Feb 24th 2015
Munkashay Honestly yeah -_- Baka VSHINE. BTW I've heard of Sket Dance but never really watched it- Munkashay
Feb 23rd 2015
abeera This is not fair ......i have sent two more drawings but vshine is not giving it on my screen.please vshine choose new winners already i mean its new year and still july??? Abeera
Jan 8th 2015
abeera By the way also watch sket dance, it is awesome. i have only seen season 1. Abeera
Jan 6th 2015
Munkashay YUP! Except AOT. I watch it on uh.. Munkashay
Dec 31st 2015
abeera I have seen hyouka, golden time, death note,k on, beyond the boundary, wolf girl and black prince, arcana famiglia etc etc.... by the way, you watch these series on animax???... Abeera
Dec 31st 2015
Munkashay Hyouka, Hunter x hunter, Attack On Titan (I LOVE IT, ESPECIALLY LEVI), Golden Time, K-On, Coppelion, Beyblade, etc. Can't remember more XD Munkashay
Dec 30th 2015
abeera Nope you're the first one I found. what other anime series have u seen besides naruto and fairytail? Abeera
Nov 21st 2014
Munkashay Me too! I mean, there aren't many Hyouka fans on Vshine, are they? Munkashay
Nov 18th 2014
abeera Lol ha ha ;) finally i found someone who has seen hyouka! Abeera
Nov 7th 2014
Munkashay What the-? What happened here!? Why's my comment posted twice and what's with Houtarou's name? Munkashay
Nov 6th 2014
Munkashay I meant, H%u014Dtar%u014D is favorite...sorry! Munkashay
Nov 5th 2014
Munkashay YEP, mine too! And my fav is H%u014Dtar%u014D is my favorite, I love him!! Munkashay
Nov 5th 2014
Munkashay YEP! It's also MY favorite, Houtarou is SHOOOOOO AWESOME for me! He's my favorite character! Munkashay
Nov 3rd 2014
abeera Are u talking about my last D.P? cuz if u r then they r from my favorite anime series HYOUKA. The girl is Chitanda Eru and the boy is Houtaro Oreki Abeera
Oct 13th 2014
Munkashay WAIT!! Do you even know who those two are in your D.P.?! Munkashay
Oct 12th 2014
Amna Huh? Amna
Sep 19th 2014
Mohammad Lol Mohammad
Sep 1st 2014
Amna Pardon? Miss Innocent Amna
Aug 21st 2014
shehram Isha LOLZ Shehram
Aug 19th 2014
Soha Good one :) Soha
Aug 17th 2014
abeera I am toooo sad cause I sent two or three drawings but they arent apearing on my screen..........editor pleaseeeeeeee take notice....should I send them again???? Abeera
Aug 16th 2014
Amna A day without you is like a year without rain. Amna
Jul 28th 2014
Amna Nice talking to you. Amna
Jul 5th 2014
Amna Dua pick up the phone! I called you1000000000000000000 times! Amna
Jul 3rd 2014
Amna But why? Amna
Jul 3rd 2014
abeera I dont mind at all infact i was thinking of changing it myself Abeera
Jul 3rd 2014
Jul 1st 2014
Amna Hey did u cement on the latest poem for Hamda Amna
Jun 30th 2014
Areesha Good and funny story Areesha
Jun 20th 2014

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