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Noor-ul-ain Rashid
Noor-ul-ain Rashid
Angels International College
Who Got The Gold Brick?
Published On Jun 19th 2014
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The sun filtered through the sky, signalling the end of rain as it chased the dark clouds away. Three friends Ali, Umer and Usman were in their way to camping. A few hours passed and it was time for sunset. They chose a suitable place to spend the night. It was dark and they wanted woods to burn. The three went on hunt for woods but as they picked the first one, they found something glittering like gold, and yes! It was gold.  A gold brick. Their eyes were staring in disbelief. They carefully picked it up and decided to divide it into three equal parts. They were enjoying the camping, sitting around the fire and thinking about the gold brick they had found. It was time for dinner and Umer and Usman sent Ali to bring some food from the bags, which were in the tent. As he went inside, they both looked towards each other and smiled a criminal smile. Umer and Usman had decided to kill Ali so that they could get a bit larger part and make some more money. Ali, who was in the tent, opened the tins of food and added something to it. Not salt but something like poison, thinking he would get the whole gold brick.  He went out with the food and place in front of them. Both of them, Umer and Usman were tired and hungry ate all the food as quick as possible. While Ali was sitting on the other side, waiting for both of them to finish, Umer and Usman attacked on him from the back and stabed him with a knife. Poor Ali died at the moment. Then Umer and Usman happily went to sleep but they never woke up as the poison worked! And the gold brick was as its place hidden in the woods and nobody got it. Not yet. Maybe someone else would get it, who would had a pure heart.
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Comments 4
Jan 17th 2016
Mohammad Booooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring Mohammad
Sep 1st 2014
Laibah Good story Laibah
Jun 26th 2014
Gul Noor Old story but nice try. Gul Noor
Jun 22nd 2014

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