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Armeen Ahmed
Armeen Ahmed
A View
Published On Jun 12th 2014
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Sitting in the backseat. Just like any person would. I looked out of the window. What I saw was a view I’ll remember, for a long time. It was bright daylight. Not the one which would make your eyes squint. It was radiance. The light which made your eyes go bright and shower in them the dreams of hope. Everywhere my eyes roamed, I saw the people smiling at each other. They were actually beaming. As if greeting the day. The calm on their faces could be sensed by everyone. It reflected their peace of mind. There was a lot to view. The green trees were greener than ever, many of them blossomed with prettiness and provided the shade. The shade which served as joy to the people who walked beneath it. It was enchanting. No beggar was in site. The roads weren't cluttered with litter and no sewerage line overflowed. I saw many things that made me wonder. As if I have entered a different world altogether. The children all were coming back from school. For sure, there was no child labour. The people each had their own tasks, I saw no one wandering or idle. The elderly were being helped and the younger ones had the respect for all. It seemed a society where people lived in harmony. Where they loved each other and tolerance was a virtue. I could observe all of this from my window, the scenario was as clear as a crystal. Yet my car was not coming to a halt, I do not know where we were headed towards. Then suddenly, a jerk, and all was over. As the car came to an abrupt stop, I was woken from my sleep. This time I looked out of the window, I realised why we had stop. An explosion was heard, all about there was a chaos. People were running. Running? No, trying to save themselves. Nobody cared for the victims. Our car took a reverse gear; we were heading back, towards home. The picnic was immediately cancelled. Now, in this moment I saw, I saw the real 'Karachi'. The city which has been shattered with violence. Again, I remembered my dream. I found the reason why the journey in my dream was not coming to end like the one in reality had. For this reality of violence has to end one day. All hope has not been lost yet. The journey still continues. There is still the passion that lives within our hearts. The voice inside us which says: Karachi will blossom again. Soon. Very soon. For the light which shines in the canopies of skies, whisper to us: there is an end to every spell. This time would pass too.
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Comments 8
eman Do u people know midhat of gr 6 Eman
May 27th 2015
Armeen Err no KIK :P I dun like that thing :D Armeen
Aug 10th 2014
Fatima Hey!! Sorry for the late reply. I'm not on on twitter OR tumblr but I am on Kik. Are you? Fatima
Jul 25th 2014
Armeen Hahahah Fatima :') that's so nice of you. Ideally feel flattered :p an ways let us get to know each other more :) maybe we can share a lot about writing. One thing more. Are you on Twitter or Tumblr? Armeen
Jun 25th 2014
Fatima Hi! I'm so glad you sent me a request. I sent u one too, for some reason. Anyways, I really like the way you write and all of your stories and articles are borderline fantastic. And I'm genuinely complimenting you right now,because I do NOT like to usually butter people. Fatima
Jun 23rd 2014
Armeen Fatima your comment is a compliment to me. It has encouraged me to keep on writing. So a huge Thank You to you :) InshaAllah we'll have a better Pakistan! <3 Armeen
Jun 18th 2014
Fatima Your writing style is very unique and this is an extremely vibrant, heart rending and something all Pakistanis can relate to Fatima
Jun 16th 2014
raveeha Inshallah,very soon our country Pakistan will be a place of peace not violence.It will be an ideal place and the people living in it will love it and be proud of it,not ashamed Raveeha
Jun 15th 2014

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