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Fardeen Ahmed Shaikh
Fardeen Ahmed Shaikh
Wilderness School
The Nightmare
Published On Jun 12th 2014
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The Dark wolf
“Mom I am Leaving!” Jinn shouted.
“Wait Jinn eat your breakfast” Mom replied.
“Mom it’s my first day of my college and I don’t want to be late” Jinn said anxiously.
“Ahh!, it will only take 5-10 minutes” Jinn’s mother said .
“Ok Mom I am eating” Jinn said.
 (7 minutes later)
“Ok mom! I have finished my Breakfast.”
“Ok have good 2 hours journey Jinn”
Jinn said shockingly, “T-T-T-T-Two HOURS! Is college that so far?! I will go there every day by taxi for 2 hours?”
“Oh! Didn’t I tell you” Mom replied, “You are going to stay there in the hostel”
“I’m going to stay there in hostel, AMAZING!  Here comes my taxi, Bye mom and say bye to on behalf of me”
(2 hours later)
“Wow! What a Big college!”
A boy passing by said to Jinn, “Hello! My name is Alex, Are you new to this college?”
“Well, Yes”
“Me too and what is your room number?” Alex asked.
“It’s 204 and yours?
“Well, Its 526 at the top floor and u must be at the ground floor.”
“I have heard a rumour that the room no. 204 is full of Nightmare every one leaves that room in 1 month”
“I don’t believe in those things, they are made to make new students afraid of the college”
“Maybe, you are right! Ok I am going to check out my room” 
“Ok,  see ya later!”  
(15 Minutes later)
“MAN! This room needs a lot more cleanliness” 
As soon as Jinn stepped inside the room. He began to feel blue and sadness covered his face without any reason. As he walked in to check out his room. A dark dust travelled across his eyes and everything turned darker.
Jinn heard a wolf howling. The howling was so loud that it forced him close his eyes. When he opened his eyes as the howling stopped, he saw blood splattered everywhere.  Jinn could feel blood over his legs and he saw a boy hanging whose body was all covered with blood.  When Jinn saw him closely, the boy was just like him. The hanging dead boy suddenly opened his eyes and said, “Leave or same thing would happen to you”.
Abruptly, a bear sized wolf, whose purple dust thingy were coming out of his eyes, attacked the hanging boy with its giant claw. Jinn was freaking frightened! And the rope cut with the dead boy was hanging. The boy toppled and crashed on the floor and its head was rolling like a ball and said, “Leave or die”.
Then the wolf also attacked jinn’s right arm.  His arm began to bleed and he shut his eyes because of pain.  When he opened his eyes, his arm was numbed. There was no boy, wolf or blood but where the boy crashed on the floor, there was written with blood “Leave or die”.
 Jinn rubbed his eyes with fright, there was nothing written, it like vanished. Suddenly the bell rang . He rushed out of his room and felt happy again. Then after his class, he went in his room again and felt depressed again.
Unknown Giant Cat
One month later.
 Alex said, “Hey Jinn, today there is a party in my room and you are invited, Will you come?” 
“Sure, that would be Awesome!” said Jinn
(After the party)
It was 10 o’clock already and it was dark outside. When he was returning to his room a  black cat  came in the way it had same eyes as the wolf had. 
He tried to ignore it and entered in his room but the cat was after him. With each step, the cat grew bigger and transforming in a horrific look. When he glanced over it , the cat was 5 times larger than tiger. Before, he could move another step the cat attacked his left arm.  It began to bleed as like before, he closed his eyes because of pain and toppled down on the floor. When he opened them, he was lying on his bed and his other arm was numbed again as before. He felt that it was another weird horrible Nightmare!
The Sword of Nightmare
(2 months later) 
At the afternoon, he was reading a book.  The same black dust surrounded Jinn. Jinn shouted, “Who are you?”  Strange, Horrific voice replied, “ I am the NIGHTMARE!” and I will kill you if you don’t leave this room. “I won’t!”  Jinn replied. “Is that so? You don’t want your life anymore” said the Nightmare.
Suddenly dark dust particles combined together and created a long dark sword. “I will kill you “the sword said. The sword flew and stabbed across his heart. Blood was flowing out of his mouth like the flow of river. He also felt his body heavier and toppled again down on the floor. When he woke up, it was morning and when he was changing his clothes. He saw dark dust creatures the Wolf, the cat and a horse. The bell rang; he ignored them and wore his cloths.
Chapter 4:
Final Ambush of darkness
(5 months later)
It was last day of college and Jinn was in his room. The same black dust blocked all way of light. Nothing could be seen. Then he saw 6 purple dust floating creatures. They said in a horrific voice, “We warned you but you did not listen. Now, it’s time to die!”
When he saw them closely, they were the same creatures, the wolf, the cat and that horse, whose head and abdomen was like a real horse but his half body was dark black dust. The cat and wolf tried to attack him but he jumped out of bed and knocked with the weird locked wardrobe, and it opened. The white shinning dust came out and destroying the dark creatures. Light started coming out of them in rays and Flash!! They vanished. But the horse didn’t. It then summoned the same sword. Jinn thought the only thing that could stop him was a lot of white dust but only handful of it was left. The sword flew and stabbed his leg but at the same time he threw the left over dust, it also vanished. The Horse ran down in the floor. Jinn’s leg was bleeding but his whole body felt heavier. He somehow opened the door. Alex saw him and said with flabbergast, “What happened and why are you bleeding” and then Jinn fainted. When he woke up he was in hospital and was feeling alright.
Chapter 5:
 He went to his room to pack up his cloths. But he was still feeling blue and his leg was seriously hurting him and whenever he closed his eyes in that room, would see the sword of nightmare and all other things specially the purple dust. Jinn soon left the college and went home.
But why the room forced him to feel blue and he gets the visions whenever he closes his eyes? To be continued.... 
(You will get the next part very soon)
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Comments 5
Aden I cant wait for part 2 Aden
Aug 22nd 2014
 яυмαιsα Keep * яυмαιsα
Jun 18th 2014
 яυмαιsα Its an amazing story, leep it up man!! яυмαιsα
Jun 17th 2014
Saadia 2 grammer mistakes Saadia
Jun 13th 2014
KHAN Fantastic! One of the best stories I have ever read! Khan
Jun 13th 2014

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