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Eman Ali
Eman Ali
Bloody Beth
Published On Jun 12th 2014
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"Andrea! Hurry up where are you? I’ve been waiting for you for the past half hour!" I said into my phone. I mean honestly this girl was gonna be the death of me. She left me waiting in the rain for half an hour. She had told me an hour ago that she wanted to meet me up in the local coffee shop to compare study notes for tomorrow’s history test. We agreed she’d pick me up from the library but as luck had it, the moment I reached the library it started to rain, at first it was a light drizzle but know it was raining cats and dogs.
 I look up from my game of angry birds that I was playing, to find a black car stop right in front of the library. “Finally!” I shouted in exasperation. By now the rain had increased from a light drizzle to a rapid storm. We went in the library since it was raining too much to walk to the coffee shop.
 Upon entering the library we decide to go spend some time in the fiction section since it was both of our favorite.
However we accidently took a wrong turn on our way and found ourselves lost in the huge library. After sometime I exclaimed in frustration and annoyance “Oh god, we should have taken a right turn at the science-fiction section”
“No” Andrea’s annoyance matched that of my own “We should have taken a left turn at the end of the history section”
We were now lost in a large library at night without any convenience other than our cell phones.
How absolutely wonderful! (Note the sarcasm people.)
We had somehow managed to go from the fiction section to the horror section. “Let’s just stay here instead of wandering around” I suggest “We could get more lost”. If it’s possible I think in my mind.
She agrees without hesitation.
We decide to read a book on ancient worships and rituals.
“The oldest tradition in the summoning of the magical beings in its many forms is the calling of the Bloody Mary” Andrea read aloud
“This however is one of the many misunderstanding that humans have-” I mentally think that the author of the book refers to humans as if though he/she wasn’t one. I shudder at the thought and feel a cold wet feeling at the end of my spine.
“The correct summoning chant for the magical being or as commoners might call it ‘witch’ (for the feminine form ,while ‘warlock’ for the male) is the summoning of the 2nd most powerful witch in the 17th century “Beth” some people believe its full from is “Bethany” or “Elisabeth” but the  fact remains that humans are ignorant creatures that just can’t bear to think or imagine that a species more powerful wiser and more evolved exists.”
Honestly I found this part a little more than frustrating and rather peculiar. And this either confirmed my suspicions of this book being written by someone that was not of the homosapien family or someone who wasn’t exactly uncomfortable with accusing his own kind of being “ignorant”.
“This book gives me the creeps Theodora” Andrea muttered to me in a thick hoarse voice that was unlike hers. Andrea’s voice was thin, chirpy and shrill. I nodded in response and motioned for her to continue reading because honestly I found this book quite interesting not that I believed any of this stuff it was purely fiction (right?) and other than that against my religional beliefs.
“In simpler terms” Andrea continued reading “the common mistake of chanting the term ‘Bloody Mary’ 3 times in a mirror at midnight is incorrect while actually the term of summoning of the witch is ‘Bloody Beth’ three times anytime of the day contrary to the one in the false summoning in which it is stated that the term can only work when said at twilight (midnight).
“What” a stern voice came from behind them said “may I say are you doing here ladies. This is the senior section underage children are not allowed to be in here. Andrea, Theodora I didn’t expect you of all people to break the rules.” however the librarians lecture was the last thing on the teenage girls mind.
After excusing themselves from the librarians path they left and silently sat in the reading area which was the farthest corner of the room decorated with plush leather sofas and mahogany tables. There the two girls sat and the moment the librarian came and said “Girls I’m going to have a quick meeting with the book suppliers I expect you two to stay here and be quiet and don’t create any mischief. Both the girls nodded in unison and went back to reading their books but as soon as  the librarian left the premises they got up gave each other a knowing look and they slowly crept towards the bathrooms.
They pushed open the door and walked towards the mirror that stood next to the sink. We both take a look at each other our expressions saying the same thing “Are you sure you want to do this?”
I look back at the mirror, take a deep breath and say with as much determination as I can “Yes, let’s do this besides what’s the worst that could happen” I mentally cringe at the thought of the worst possibility.
Come on Theodora I think to myself it’s just a little myth, live a little there is nothing wrong with having a little fun in life. Right?
I slowly begin to say “Bloody Beth” by the time me and Andrea had said it once it felt like at least a minute had passed. My breathing began to get heavy and my head started to hurt. But it was so mild that I easily ignored it by the time I began to say the third Bloody Beth I could feel Andrea tense up beside me.
I tightened my grip on her hand and felt a bead of sweat drop from my forehead.
After the “ritual” was complete we both turned of the lights and stared at the mirror for 3 whole minutes without blinking or breaking eye-contact. After nearly 8 minutes of staring at the mirror I decide to stop, but there was something that was stopping me. Suddenly I feel my eyes go blurry and there suddenly in the mirror I saw something that has scared me for life it still haunts me to this day and I feel as if though if I close my eyes it will come to me and touch me with those long finger nails tracing up and down my skin slowly sending shivers up my spine making my breath stop.
Because at that very moment that is how I felt. It smirked at me through the mirror as if though saying “now you know what fear is” and honestly it couldn’t have been more accurate.
I would take on a 12 hungry lions alone if I could forget that horrid experience.
No matter how much we tried we didn’t have the will power to remove our eyes from the horrid creature. Its dark orbs penetrated in to our eyes sending a jittery feeling down my legs. At that moment I had completely forgotten my surroundings I didn’t know I was in a bathroom in a library at night all alone. It was all of a sudden when the figure in the mirror lunged out at us. It felt like everything was going in slow motion it’s long claws reached out and scratched me digging its claws 2 inches deep in my skin.
Andrea jumped and let out a shriek that could have shaken the heavens. “Theodora quick we have to go get you to a doctor” Andrea’s shrill voice screamed in my ear. I stare down at my wound and receive a shock like no other.
My wound was gone. Well physically it wasn’t there but I felt the pain of it.
Then at night when we silently walked home together. We decided to walk across the road to the lake side as a short cut. I don’t know how but suddenly saw a flash of light we heard a horn and dashed to the side that is I dashed to the side when I turned to look Andrea wasn’t with me. She was to slow and the car had crushed her. The driver of the car didn’t even bother to come out he just drove away. I was panicking but I felt no guilt no sorrow that my best friend for the past 13 years had died. I quickly open my phone and send a message to her parents to come here. I called the hospital and they arrived 14 minutes later, I called the police and they said the person who hit her would do 2 years in jail.
I nodded and went back to home. When I reached home I rushed to my room and went to sleep without dinner. My parents were comforting Andrea’s parents.
The next morning I go to the library and find that book I issued it from the librarian and went home while reading it in the living room what I found quite strange was my cat, Liz, was staring at me intently.
At that moment I felt my heart stop my legs go weak and my lungs go hard. It was impossible to breathe. My cat kept on staring at me and I fell to the ground I used all my strength, the same amount of strength you would have used to pull a bag full of thousands of brick, and I say in a shrill, thin, squeaky voice “Beth…”
And that people is my story of Bloody Beth
Now since you have read this story the curse is on you.
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Comments 5
Aliza  Ahhhhhh Aliza
Apr 3rd 2016
duaa Okay !!!!!! Duaa
Dec 26th 2014
eman Guys ofcourse it is a myth thank u so much for comenting please tell me what u think of it i worked very hard on this and please do like Eman
Jun 14th 2014
Saadia It is a myth amn is right Saadia
Jun 13th 2014
KHAN Everyone! I'm back! Oh and by the way, I don't believe in this legend because........... I tried it. I'm gonna try it again. Lol. Oh and an excellent story! :-)! OMG! A curse is on ME! OMG! No! Khan
Jun 13th 2014

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