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Laibah Basham
Laibah Basham
The City School Paf Chapter
The Substitutes
Published On Jun 12th 2014
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On Monday17th April, when we reached school, we were horrified to see that all of our teachers had been replaced by two strange substitute teachers called Miss. Bats Wing and Miss. Rainbow Fluff.
 Our first four periods were taken by Miss. Rainbow Fluff; who was an ugly, shrivelled up old lady, whose hair had been dyed into several colors and looked very fizzy. It looked like the last time she brushed her must have been a decade ago, ie: 10 years. She spoke with a weird, high-pitched voice, as if she swallowed a gallon of helium. When we would ask her anything, she just turned away. She didn't make us do any work and every five minutes she would scream in the most ear-piercing sound to keep us quite.
 After Break, the rest of the four periods had been taken by Miss. Bats Wing. Unexpectedly she was a slim figure with a delicate face and dark brown, silky soft hair. Her voice was as smooth and sweet as honey. She explained us different topics for three periods and in the end she gave us a free period in which we talked to our delight.
 That an extremely extraordinary day for us all. The next day was normal but none of the teachers believed us when we told them about Miss. Bats Wing and Miss. Rainbow Fluff. Would You?
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Comments 49
Aiza Great story laiba!keep up the good work!!!!! Aiza
Oct 11th 2016
Laibah Thx alot Fabiha! sorry 4 l8 reply! Laibah
Jun 29th 2015
fabiha Your articles and your stories are really awesome Fabiha
Jun 20th 2015
Laibah Ur welcome! Laibah
Jun 12th 2015
Princess Thanks Laiba for bieng my friend Princess
Jun 5th 2015
Laibah Thankyou everyone Laibah
Mar 9th 2015
Habibah You are a kind person laibah.I have also send a friend request.Please accept it. Habibah
Jan 17th 2015
rameen Keep writing laibah:D Rameen
Jan 2nd 2015
duaa Your story is really cool and Laibah i have a request i have send you friend request kindly accept it i shall be very thankful to you very much Duaa
Dec 26th 2014
Umama Laiba i just checked my page but there is not anything shown. Umama
Dec 23rd 2014
Laibah @umama i dont think vshine tells us when our things get posted. but we just hav to check the stories page again and again to check if it gets posted. btw, vshine is really slow these days, i sent a poem that i wrote myself about 3-4 weeks ago but they still didnt accept it. they sometimes dont accept things because they may think it's copied/ published before. so i hope ur story gets posted!!!!! all the best!!!!! ;) :D <3 :) Laibah
Dec 23rd 2014
Umama Hey laiba i asked you something or anyone of you know about it Umama
Dec 22nd 2014
Dec 21st 2014
Laibah Ok i hav axccept it Laibah
Dec 6th 2014
Umama Hi. laibah basham i have send you friend request please accept it. Umama
Dec 6th 2014
Umama I have read that story in vshine magazine.awesome Umama
Nov 30th 2014
Affan Not+nice-not means nice Affan
Nov 8th 2014
Aiza You're welcome laiba :) Aiza
Sep 9th 2014
Laibah Thx allot aiza! Laibah
Aug 22nd 2014
Aiza Great story :) I love it <3 Keep writing like this and Allah will IA lead you to success :) Very beautiful words and intricate vocabulary with accurate adjective were used in this story :) Aiza
Aug 19th 2014
Laibah ThANkyoU SOSOSOSOOSSOSOSOOSOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MuCh SoHA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Laibah
Aug 13th 2014
Soha Great work :) Your story is published in Aug issue :) Keep it up :D! Soha
Aug 11th 2014
Laibah Lol! Thx munkashay Laibah
Aug 5th 2014
Munkashay Wow, good story! I believe in the teachers but not in their awkward names! Munkashay
Aug 4th 2014
Laibah OMG! I CANT BELIEVE MY STORY GOT PUBLISHED IN VSHINE'S AUGUST 2014 ISSUE! but i dont know why my story isnt written winner on it :( Laibah
Aug 4th 2014
Laibah Thx ! @Anousha Laibah
Jul 26th 2014
Anousha Good story laiba :p Anousha
Jul 25th 2014
Laibah Thx marwa Laibah
Jul 19th 2014
Marwa @Laiba Basham . A very nice story ! @- People should not fight on vshine . Marwa
Jul 18th 2014
Marwa @Laiba Basham . A very nice story ! @- People should not fight on vshine . Marwa
Jul 18th 2014
Marwa @Laiba Basham . A very nice story ! @- People should not fight on vshine . Marwa
Jul 18th 2014
Laibah Im sorry 4 mine too Laibah
Jul 11th 2014
Tooba Thanks laiba sorry for my silly comments Tooba
Jul 9th 2014
Tooba What happened laiba cant under stand easy language to because you dont go to school hahahaha and very abd that a big girl cant understand easy language ch ch ch what a pity hahaha Tooba
Jul 6th 2014
Laibah Ummm.................... ?????????????????????????? Laibah
Jul 6th 2014
Tooba I mean that i always thought you were nice but i was no write i am not writing bad words because now i dont want to ight or make anyone angry or sad i meant this and sorry if these comments hurted you Tooba
Jul 3rd 2014
Laibah What do u mean tooba? Laibah
Jul 3rd 2014
Tooba Laibah i thought you were a nice friend and would never fight but i was wrong and i am writing only this much because i know if i willl write some thing bad our fight will began and because you are nice i dont want to make you sad and angry like i did to fatima Tooba
Jul 1st 2014
Laibah Thx @tooba Laibah
Jun 18th 2014
Tooba Very nice story Tooba
Jun 17th 2014
Tooba Very nice story Tooba
Jun 17th 2014
Laibah Thx @ibrahim and @rabia Laibah
Jun 17th 2014
Laibah Thx eman Laibah
Jun 16th 2014
Ibrahim Very good!! Ibrahim
Jun 16th 2014
Ibrahim Very good!! Ibrahim
Jun 16th 2014
rabia Hmm its nice laibah Rabia
Jun 15th 2014
Laibah Thx eman Laibah
Jun 15th 2014
eman VERY NICE STORY LAIBA good job Eman
Jun 14th 2014
Laibah Guys, pls comment on my story Laibah
Jun 13th 2014

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