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Fatima  Khan
Fatima Khan
Pakistan International School Es - Jeddah
Astonishing Discovery
Published On Jun 12th 2014
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“Ach-oo!” my fifth sneeze in a row sounded a lot like a detonated bomb. As a result of the inch ling layer of dust and filth that layered my walls. After another round of sneezes that racked my body. I pinched my nose shut and squinted through the haze of fog and shafts of sunlight that struggled to break through my grimy windows, pitying myself. We’ve got all this great stuff going on in this world and it’s just my luck that I’m cooped up indoors all day in this stifling humid weather, cleaning my room.
I critically scrutinized the room, observant of every speck of dust, every blemish on a surface and every out of place article. I wade through the mound of clutter and chaos that pockmarked my floor, thinking “how can an ordinary, sane, teenage girl be responsible for such destruction and havoc?” Well, whatever. I donned my bedraggled, threadbare ‘cleaning clothes’ seized my gear and threw myself into the thick of things. Let’s do this thing.
“Mum! Do you know what this book was doing inside my pillow and how I failed to notice it?’ I fleetingly skimmed the yellowing, aged book and lightly placed it on my shelf. As I delved deeper into the debris, I discovered more fairly interesting but relatively useless items. That is, until I started tidying around my bed. As I was smoothing the sheets, something miniscule and very sharp drove into my foot. Smothering a curse, I dropped down on the bed (mussing the carefully made sheets) and clutched my foot, ignoring the steadily increasing red puddle there, as my gaze had landed on the sharp object. It was a circular pin, resembling a bird in flight, real gold and beautifully crafted. I lunged for it and clasped it into my hands, yelling to my mother about my discovery. She walked into my room, dismissively glancing at the disarray and looked at my proudly extended hand. For a second I thought she was going to have a seizure or something. Her body contorted, her eyes glazed over and her breath came in short gasps. “Oh God! Where did you get that?” After convincing my mom that no, I hadn’t stolen het precious pin which she had heedlessly lost, we had a two people party where she rejoiced a reunion with a family antique and I celebrated the now spick and span state of my room.
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Comments 3
Ayesha Very nice! Ayesha
Jun 26th 2014
raveeha Very good Raveeha
Jun 15th 2014
Khadija I think this is a wonderful story and i like it very much. Khadija
Jun 13th 2014

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