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Zahra Nishat
Zahra Nishat
The City School (kapco Chapter)
Published On Jun 27th 2014
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Health is very important and essential to everyone. Caring of health is very significant to stay fit and healthy. Healthy people are very active and they use to participate in every type of activities whereas dull people are very lazy and they can't do work for much time. Nowadays there are so many serious health problems such as lung cancer. Smoking is very dangerous and has become very common. If we see in our environment so many people are smoking and are damaging their lungs. Smoking causes so much illness which can lead to deaths. Tobacco which is used in cigars is very harmful and when it goes into body it mixes with blood and causes much illness. Smoking also affect our main body organ heart. From smoking the heart damages and it stop pumping blood which causes deaths. 99% deaths are due to smoking. Nicotine is a drug which can cause arteries to get blocked up which are reason of heart attacks. Smoke contains sticky substance tar which can cause breathing problems. Smoking is addictive so once a man has smoked it is very complex to abandon it. Smoking doesn’t cause only lung cancer it also causes kidney cancer, lips cancer, blood cancer and throat cancer. The women who smoke get wrinkle on their faces very quickly. To leave smoking is very important if the smoker leave smoking he will get rid of all kind of coughs and diseases. So it is better to leave smoking and to get rid of diseases and to be healthy.
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Comments 2
Zahra Yeah u r right its is very bad habit :) Zahra
Oct 4th 2014
Azka Very nice article very informative i hate the womens who r smoking that looks so bad Azka
Jul 15th 2014

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