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Musfira Sultana Siddiqui
Musfira Sultana Siddiqui
St. Joseph College For Women
Friendship Is Not Always True!
Published On Jun 27th 2014
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Once best friends, Hira and Maha got separated because of one of their jealous friend "Saima" who always wants Hira and Maha's friendship to be ended. She was succeeded in her plan. Now Hira and Maha hate each other. Saima told Maha that "Hira is her enemy. She wants her to be failed in every subject and for that she secretly study and didn't share anything with Maha."
Maha didn't respond. Saima saw that Maha isn't responding so she told the same thing to Hira. Hira immediately believed in Saima's words. She went to Maha. Maha was in library. When she saw Hira she shouted: "Hey Hira! Where have you been? See what I've found..."
"Please stop all your nonsense!"
Maha's sentence was left in middle when Hira interrupted. Maha got shocked. She hasn't ever seen Hira talking to her in this rude manner.
Hira said:
"What you just think of you? You are not the only intelligent student in this school. Reading all these books will not lead to 1st position. You are not intelligent and you can't even beat in single subject. Just clear this entire plan from your mind that you'll read all these books, get knowledge and will beat me! I have more knowledge than you have. You are my enemy now. We are no more friends."
Maha was surprised by the sudden change of manner in Hira but she didn't reply to any of her sentence.
When result came Maha got 1st position and Hira secured 2nd position.
Next day, Saima was absent. Hira started to feel that she had done wrong. She must not listen to Saima and remain silent as Maha did because "Silence is the best reply to a fool."
Hira went to Maha and said sorry for all she previously said. Maha accepted Hira's sorry. At off time Maha handed Hira a small piece of paper. When Hira opened it, inside was written:
"In life we never lose friends, we only learn who the truth ones are"
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Comments 32
Musfira Sultana I'm fine, AlhamduLillah. What about you? Musfira Sultana
Oct 1st 2017
HAFSA How are you musfira ? Hafsa
Sep 22nd 2016
Musfira Sultana Thank you Irza! Musfira Sultana
Sep 14th 2016
Irza SO GOOD!! LOVE IT!well done Irza
Aug 10th 2016
HAFSA Musfira how much time and thanx months before i have posted my stuff Hafsa
Jul 19th 2016
Musfira Sultana Hey, sorry for the late reply. Actually the stuff you've written needs an approval from the administration. It takes time, be patient. Musfira Sultana
Jul 1st 2016
HAFSA Musfira or anyone plz give me answer;) Hafsa
Jun 11th 2016
HAFSA MUSFIRA it was the good one:). i want ask that i have written many things on MY PAGE but it was not showen on MY STUFF please tell what can i do i want to share my things.:( Hafsa
Jun 8th 2016
Musfira Sultana Yes Aina, I was excited too! :D Musfira Sultana
Jan 9th 2015
AINA Do u now this story was entered in the magazine also of september i was so happy when i looked ur story in the magazine Aina
Oct 29th 2014
Musfira Sultana :) Musfira Sultana
Sep 27th 2014
AINA Plz give me answer Aina
Sep 12th 2014
AINA Its okay i will do something than Aina
Sep 12th 2014
Musfira Sultana No idea :p Musfira Sultana
Sep 11th 2014
AINA No my net is right but u r msg is not showing full it shows half more i know it loads every thing is right Aina
Sep 10th 2014
Musfira Sultana There might be some problem in your internet. Your net could not load VShine page properly. Musfira Sultana
Sep 9th 2014
AINA U have send it but i can see it half why i can see tilladd my i m clicking on it to see but it is not opening Aina
Sep 9th 2014
Musfira Sultana Yea sure ^_^ Go to "My page". Under "My page" it is written "Click to add my page". Click on it. Here you can post stories, drawings, poems etc. Hope you'll write a good one! Musfira Sultana
Sep 5th 2014
AINA Can u tell me that where do you write these articles or drawings or stories i m new that is why i dont know about it Aina
Sep 4th 2014
AINA :> happy face Aina
Sep 4th 2014
Musfira Sultana Thank you Aina for your kind words. I'm so sorry for the delay, actually there was some problem in my net. I've accepted your friend request now. :) Musfira Sultana
Sep 3rd 2014
AINA Plz accept me plz i m u r friend plz plz plz i have requested it for hours but no response plz i like u very much i like type girls i m also a gil just like u and sweet hearted girl. Aina
Sep 1st 2014
Musfira Sultana Fatima: So sweet of you! :) Anousha: Thanks grl Musfira Sultana
Jul 26th 2014
Anousha A lesson learning and a good story :) Anousha
Jul 24th 2014
Fatima Musfirah just enjoy and feel proud!! Fatima
Jul 20th 2014
Musfira Sultana ThankYou Marwa :) Fatima: I don't have words to Thankyou girl ^_^ Musfira Sultana
Jul 19th 2014
Fatima Musfira Congratulations!! You are "me Page" winner. And this time I am sure Just look in HOME category. I had said that one day you will be the winner and today you are. Fatima
Jul 18th 2014
Marwa Amazing!!! This is a heart touching story Marwa
Jul 17th 2014
Musfira Sultana Thankoo Hafsa! :P Musfira Sultana
Jul 9th 2014
Jul 8th 2014
Musfira Sultana Thanks Wafa :) Musfira Sultana
Jul 8th 2014
Wafa Wow amazing story love it Wafa
Jul 7th 2014

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