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Shehram Chaudhry
Shehram Chaudhry
Lahore School Of Learning
Published On Jun 27th 2014
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Mostly people think that facebook is a waste of time and somehow it is correct. People say this because when someone uses facebook twice they can get addicted to it and then they cannot stop using it.
I think that facebook is a waste of time because when we start using facebook all our attention is diverted and then wo dont do something else properly.
On the other hand, we also learn things from the blogs that had been posted on facebook page. However we will learn more if we read books or use the internet ot find information. We should use facebook for a very limited time.
Facebook is not a bad website if we use it very less and for a limited time. It also has some advantages. For example we learn to be social when we use facebook  and we can keep in touch with people from other cities and countries. We can chat with friends and relatives for free s it is a good facility. I won’t say that it is bad but the people who use it they use it in a bad way so it isn’t bad or time waste.
This means that we should use facebook but when we are 18 above or with permission of our parents or guardians. I also suggest that we use facebook for positive things
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Comments 16
Aiza Hmm, there are a lot of disadvantages of using Facebook for kids under 20 Aiza
Dec 6th 2016
Aliza  Hmm, but cyber bullying is very common in Facebook je ne l'aime pas(this is german and i can speak german ) Aliza
Mar 19th 2016
ayesha Its not about khan rida it is about the people or the way to use facebook... some people use it for positive way while other use it for fun and to disturb...well I think that we should use it for our info and advantage..and if we are using it then use it in a limit!!.. Ayesha
Apr 26th 2015
Rida Oh i love facebook :pti :hate boys and disturb them :at last the main reson is pti, if you support khan you can sacrifice your time its time for my monthly but i sacrifice for khan Rida
Oct 19th 2014
shehram Hmmm!! absolutely write Junaid thnks for commenting everyone. Shehram
Aug 21st 2014
Junaid Facebook has more advantage than disadvantage. But it depends on users.. Well in facebook you can find alot of pages which are sharing informative articles and Scientific news. There are many users are sharing the Scientific interesting article... ! I have also a scientific page which I am sharing the Weekly summary of Science and Technology, Facebook is a good Education Plateform if People get it Positive... ! But unfortunality in Pakistan mostly people only using it as a picture sharing or Politics.. !! Lets use Facebook and other Social media for positive and only for Education... :) :). Junaid
Aug 17th 2014
shehram Thnxs everyone ;-) Shehram
Aug 16th 2014
shehram Thnxs everyone ;-) Shehram
Aug 16th 2014
Manahil Good Manahil
Aug 14th 2014
Zimra Well! Your Article is Amazing and Explaining your Beliefs! But Facebook has more disadvantages than advantages!! Zimra
Jul 24th 2014
nubera Good issue to discuss. Nubera
Jul 21st 2014
Marwa The article speaks alot !! Things Marwa
Jul 20th 2014
Azka My cousin is also addicted to facebook she is always using it Azka
Jul 15th 2014
Azka Yes Azka
Jul 12th 2014
hadia Gr8 Hadia
Jul 11th 2014
Wafa Nice article Wafa
Jul 8th 2014

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