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Zahra Sohail
Zahra Sohail
Usman Public School
Sometimes A Listening Ear Is All You Need
Published On Jun 27th 2014
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“I can’t take it anymore! I just can’t! These people think that they can do whatever they want with me and I’ll just remain silent! This can’t go on much longer! One of these days I’ll…..” wrote Ayla in her personal diary with tears falling down her cheeks and onto the diary. She wiped her tears away and wondered sadly what had gone wrong. Theirs had been a perfect family, and then suddenly, something seemed to have gone wrong. No one had time for the other. Family outings became a formality that had to be forcibly endured for nobody’s sake. Ayla missed the days when her father would spend time with her, talking about things of mutual interest; when her mother would ask her on returning from school how her day had been; how her sister would talk to her and just spend some quality sibling time with her. She was getting the best education and had everything money could buy, but sadly, she thought, money can’t buy love and happiness. It had to be shared.
Ayla was a girl of sixteen who had been brought up with love and care until some time ago when everyone just got too busy to care for each other. This behavior made Ayla stubborn and enraged. She had no real friend with whom she could share her feelings and pour her heart out. She prayed and prayed to God each night to send some angel her way who would help her bear this time and advise her how to bring her family back. Back to how she remembered them being, or was that also a figment of her imagination? How long had it been since her father really heard what she had to say? Or her mother truly cared about her day, even her sister whose door was always open seemed to be lost in a fog.
Days passed, Ayla went back to her monotonous routine after this emotional outburst, saying her favourite prayer every night, hoping against hope that it would be answered. One day she saw a new girl in her class. She took no notice and went on with her routine. The next day, she saw the same girl in her after school tuition centre and learned that her name was Rida. They started studying together and unconsciously, grew close to each other. The thing which lured Ayla towards Rida was her amiable nature. Rida was sweet, kind, charming, well-mannered, - in short, everything a well brought up girl could be, and had everything a girl with problems like Ayla could wish for in her friend.
One day in school, Rida noticed that Ayla was very quiet and subdued. She wasn’t talking like her usual self and there seemed to be something on her mind. Rida didn’t venture to inquire, afraid of prying into personal matters. She noticed the same thing at the tuition centre too, that Ayla wasn’t talking much and her tear-stained face implied that there was something troubling her. Rida had noticed this a few times before too that Ayla wasn’t willing to talk about it, and as time had passed, she had grown into her usual self again so Rida hadn’t given it much thought. But today, something serious seemed to have happened. Rida couldn’t bear to see her friend in distress and became very worried. The next day, as Ayla was sitting all by herself, that empty and lost look all over her face, Rida went to her and asked her what the matter was.  Ayla kept on denying that anything was amiss and insisted that nothing was wrong, and Rida kept on asking. In the end, Ayla surrendered and told her everything. She told her about the ignorant attitude and constant naggings. She cried and poured her heart out and Rida just listened and consoled her and told her that everything would be alright. Later, Ayla realized that all she needed was an ear to listen to her and a shoulder to cry on, because she felt quite better after pouring her heart out and sharing her burdens.
That night, Ayla wrote in her diary, “I never knew that there could be anyone as sweet or as pure as her. I never knew that in this world of lies, misfortunes and sadness, there could still be some good left, in the form of people like her. I really believe that my prayer has been answered...that finally, God has sent me an angel with whom I can share everything and not regret it. Who is so pure that no evil can mar her. She is truly an angel sent by God to help me, and finally, I’m happy. Finally, I can say that I may have been deprived of love in one form, but I have received it in another. Finally, I’m not the unluckiest girl in the world…” and while Ayla wrote these lines, tears fell down her cheeks but this time, these tears were of satisfaction and contentment.
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Comments 6
Zahra Thank u Anam.. as this story was written based on somewhat the truth, it's natural that it touched ur heart if u were experiencing the same thing. And thank u Marwa :) Zahra
Aug 10th 2014
Jul 21st 2014
Anam It's just sooooooo sweet ant tru and helpful, at least I think it is......I was having kind of the same situation but now I feel as if I can sort it out!Thanks A LOT!!! Anam
Jul 18th 2014
fatimah No need to thank deserve to be appreciated my dear..... Fatimah
Jul 11th 2014
Zahra Thanks a lot for the praise :) Zahra
Jul 3rd 2014
fatimah This is just amazing.....sooo true n ssoooo sweet plus the vocabulary u used....OMG! u r the next J.K Rowling......i looooooovvvveeeee it. Fatimah
Jul 2nd 2014

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