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Atiya Aslam
Atiya Aslam
Habib Girls' School
Arrogance Never Pays
Published On Jun 27th 2014
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Once upon a time there was a boy named Justin. He belonged to a poor family and lived in a village. Justin’s dream was to become rich and powerful man. One Day he was looking for water and found a well. Suddenly he heard someone crying in a weak voice. When he lowered the bucket in the well and then pulled the bucket up again, expecting it to be filled with water. He was surprised to find an old woman in it instead of water. He asked, “Hello lady, are you fine? She replied, “Oh my boy! Now I feel someone cares for me.” I wish you would be fine again” said Justin. As he said this, the old woman turned into a fairy and said, “You got me rid of an evil magic spell and I have become a fairy again. Now I will fulfil five of your wishes. Ask me what you want!” It was a dream come true for Justin, who quickly started with his wish list.”I want a big house, lots of money, precious gems and a town over which I can rule.” said Justin. The fairy just whirled her stick in the wind and Justin got all he wished for. He was happy and excited! The fairy said, “I have fulfilled your wishes but I didn’t hear you say any word that begins with TH and ends with OU.” Justin said proudly” I am a king now! Why should I thank you rather you should respect me!”As he said this everything he got was snatched and the fairy said in anger, “I fulfilled your wishes and you didn’t even bother to thank me saying this she disappeared. Justin felt ashamed and realized the God does not likes the ones who become proud after getting money, success or anything. He tried to apologies but it was too late.
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Comments 17
Urooj Its relly good and excellent moral😉 Urooj
Jul 5th 2017
Aiza Awesome Aiza
Jan 5th 2017
sajahir Fantastic Sajahir
Aug 11th 2016
eman Yes Fatima she is my cousin Eman
Apr 6th 2015
Atiya I am in class 7 Atiya
Sep 28th 2014
Fatima  Mehdi Midhat masood? she is in my class, vi b ,if you r talking of HGS Fatima Mehdi
Sep 26th 2014
eman Do you know midhat in grade 6 Eman
Sep 25th 2014
zarmala NICE. Zarmala
Sep 21st 2014
Atiya Thanks Atiya
Sep 19th 2014
Fatima  Mehdi Achi hai Fatima Mehdi
Sep 18th 2014
Atiya Thank You Atiya
Sep 14th 2014
shinza Good job atiya Shinza
Jul 29th 2014
Marwa Excellent Marwa
Jul 21st 2014
Marwa Excellent Marwa
Jul 21st 2014
Atiya Thank You Atiya
Jul 10th 2014
Jul 8th 2014
Laibah Good story and moral Laibah
Jun 30th 2014

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