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Uswah Rasool
Uswah Rasool
Think Before You Act!
Published On Jun 2nd 2014
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"Students, I hope you understand the importance of thinking before acting."
Miss Aalia just finished off with a lecture on how important it is to think before we act. Grade V had just had a terrible fight on a very silly thing; Ali and Hussain had the same pens, Ali lost his pen and started to blame Hussain for stealing his pen. Ms. Aalia told them to search for the pen, together. They searched high and low but all in vain. They gave up and returned to their homes.
Later that day Ali and Hussain met at the park. Hussain happily greeted Ali and offered his own pen to Ali. Ali snatched it form Hussain very rudely and turned away. Hussain was hurt but being a kind-hearted person, he decided to forget all about Ali's rudeness. Ali , too, being a very proud boy, decided to let Hussain's kindness melt away. He had made up his mind the Hussain was a thief and he was not ready to accept the fact that Hussain is not guilty.
 The next day, a little girl came up to Hussain and said, "I am sorry you had to go through all the trouble, but here's Ali's pen. I found it on the floor and decided to keep it until I found Ali. But he was so angry that I got scared. I saw him take your pen. I'm real sorry!" Hussain decided to return Ali his pen. He went up to Ali and gave the pen to Ali. Ali was enraged, he shouted, "So you fool finally decided to give me back my pen, well I am not returning your pen to make you think before stealing again!!!" Hussain felt like he was going to cry. He ran off to his teacher and complained.
His teacher told Hussain that she will scold Ali for his behavior and that he should not ask his pen back. Ms. Aalia had decided that she would give Hussain a very beautiful pen.
The next day, Ms. Aalia came into the class and held up the most beautiful pen one could think of. She asked, "Who would like to have this pen?" Eleven hands shot up. Then, she spoke again, "Only one of you can have it and that lucky one has been decided. I say, shan't we let Hussain have this pen. He sure deserves it." The class nodded affirmatively. Ali went red with shame. He stood, went up to Hussain and spoke up, "I am very sorry Hussain, my brother, i have come to realize that we should not be so greedy and selfish. I should have thought before acting." Hussain was touched. He pulled Ali and hugged him.
That day to this, Ali and Hussain are the best of friends. So, my dear friends, we should always think before we act. Whoever knows what waits ahead!
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Comments 15
Laibah Um.......i forgot to ask: did hussain keep the pen or did he give it to ali? Laibah
Jun 19th 2014
Maryam Why ali went red with shame. this is only confusion except this little confusion i like the story Maryam
Jun 12th 2014
Uswah Its nice to meet so many good people around here................. Thanks guys.............. for both, appreciation and encouragement! ;) Uswah
Jun 11th 2014
Maikham Informative story!! Maikham
Jun 11th 2014
hassan We should always think before we act and i can also say that you have done very good afford you should keep it up and try to improve to became better Hassan
Jun 9th 2014
Khoula Very nice efforts uswah...teacher plays important role in our lives Khoula
Jun 8th 2014
Fatima This teaches a very important lesson in the best possible way Fatima
Jun 7th 2014
Uswah Thanks a lot shehram, laibah and tooba! thanx a lot! ;) Uswah
Jun 7th 2014
shehram A good article Uswah . Everyone should implement this in their lives to make their lives comfortable and good. Shehram
Jun 6th 2014
Tooba Great story Tooba
Jun 5th 2014
Laibah Great story! Laibah
Jun 5th 2014
Uswah Thanks guys......... :) Uswah
Jun 4th 2014
Jun 4th 2014
MARYAM Yes we should think before acting and it was a nice story Uswah Maryam
Jun 3rd 2014
unaiza A very nice moral for us !!! Keep it up:) Unaiza
Jun 3rd 2014

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