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Aeman Adnan
Aeman Adnan
Lahore Grammar School,lahore
Communities Love
Published On Jun 28th 2014
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Once there was a woman who lived in a foreign country. One day some kidnappers came to her house took everything, killed her and put her in the boot of her car. A lot of days passed but she did not meet anyone, nor she attended any call. Her bills were even paid automatically by her card through internet. One day it happened to be that her balance from account finished and her bills were no more paid. In that case the billers visited her house and did not find her and finally they got to know her story...and the amazing part was that the people who were living in the community had thought she had gone to another country on a tour and decided to mark the days everyone will go to watch her garden and promised that her garden will be as pretty as it was...
Moral: The thing was to tell how mannered the people in the community were and today even if someone asks help people look away and go....
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Comments 10
Aliza  Good Aliza
May 9th 2016
aeman Can you stop taking out everyones mistake... If nobody else does even you shouldn't shehram.... You should know about such things ..... On everybody's post you have took out mistakes... You should even know that nobody comments on your stories Aeman
Feb 26th 2015
aeman Shehram Thanks for sorting out my mistakes Hi noorulain I am fine what abt you Aeman
Feb 25th 2015
Noorul Hi eman ...... how are you .????????????? Noorul
Jan 28th 2015
shehram Nice one but something is wrong in it. First of all, if they were kidnappers why did they kill her and rob her they shoild have kidnapped. And we 'ask for help' not 'ask help' Shehram
Jan 6th 2015
aeman Thank you everyone Aeman
Oct 27th 2014
Anam Very very nice Anam
Sep 20th 2014
Hamna Good and nice story Hamna
Jul 3rd 2014
aeman Thnks saamiya Aeman
Jul 1st 2014
Saamiya A good moral story! for learning a lesson! please post more like these! i really like them! Saamiya
Jun 29th 2014

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