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Praayashi Praayashi
Praayashi Praayashi
Loreto Convent
A Mesmerizing Journey Into The Magic Mirror
Published On Jun 28th 2014
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One day while getting ready, Pious, a bright little girl, was looking at her reflection in the mirror. She felt good and a chain of thoughts sparkled in her mind. She had often heard that mirrors do not lie and show us our true reflection. This brought to her mind an idea of a magic mirror. “Can a magic mirror show us what we desire to see? For example, can a magic mirror show us how we think?” she wondered.
With this intention of trying to gain a better understanding of self, Pious started examining her reflection in the mirror. Suddenly, she realised that something crazy and unbelievable was happening. Her clear reflection was blurring and she felt lucid. When she touched the mirrors surface, her fingers pushed into it and she emerged into a big meadow with lush green surroundings.
The environment in the picturesque meadow was serene. Then, she saw Tinker bell sitting on a flower and as Pious went closer, Tinker bell sprinkled pixie dust on her. Tinker bell’s creativity and curiosity infected the little girl too. Peter pan’s shadow drew her towards itself, as if it was telling her that if you follow your dream you too can fly without wings. Merrily she began to fly. After sometime, Pious descended at Shrek’s swamp. Here, Shrek was trustworthy and reliable. He did not lament that people judged him. He was a most acceptable social person. Princess Fiona held Pious by her hand and took her to the chat room. Goldilocks greeted her in a tidy and clean area. Princess Aurora started the conversation and told her that she can do many different things by meeting different people and by visiting different places. Cinderella opened the door of miracles and hopes and said that if we are hopeful our future will be good. Oh! So charming Snow White blessed her with resilience, kindness and told her that nothing is impossible if you are determined. Rapunzel stepped forward and touched her forehead with her healing powers and said that she should be assertive, kind and helpful to the needy.
After sometime, Pious felt that she should go back to her sweet home. Dorothy and her team of the now courageous Lion, Scarecrow with a sharp brain and Tin man with a kind and warm heart accompanied her to home. In home, for initial few minutes she sat and kept imagining this truly mesmerising journey of hers on the other side of the magic mirror. She further thought that this even might be an interesting way of teleporting. Pious really enjoyed her journey inside the magic mirror.
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Comments 4
Laibah Welcome :) Laibah
Jul 8th 2014
Wafa I like the story mashallah nice one Wafa
Jul 8th 2014
praayashi Thank U, @Laibah.....:) Praayashi
Jul 1st 2014
Laibah I wish i had a magic mirror................. lol! but still nice story Laibah
Jun 30th 2014

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