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Sara Sharif
Sara Sharif
Opf Girls College
Surprised Everyone
Published On Jun 28th 2014
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"Sorry but we would not allow you to participate in this competition" said the competition manager. He was small, fat and dark man. Because of his wealth, he was very proud and arrogant man. "This competition is to be completed on legs! How can a man without legs run?" Mrs kokab added .Saud was a young tall ,thin man who lost his legs in a car accident. He said that he will show that he had courage to win this race and will make his school proud of him. Miss sadia, a polite and kind lady made teachers agreed to let him participate in this competition.10 days were left and everyone was practicing as they wanted to win this race. The reward was such a huge price ,probably 70,000 rupees. Saud was a man without legs and was not able to earn for himself as he was alone without his family whom he lost in the car accident .he wanted to win it .however it seemed difficult to others because of his physical condition .everyone was practicing and exercising to make their body flexible. Saud was praying when a boy named Osama came and mocked him because of his legs but saud remained quiet. The manager announced that the race was to be begun and every one must take their position. Saud, with the help of walker came to his position. When the race started, he called out takbir loudly and he put all his strength and with the help of lord, he crossed the finishing line .the contestant were given a break after which the results were announced. And the winner was Saud. Tear rolled out of his eyes because of joy. He thanked his lord and was granted with the prize. Osama, afterwards, came to Saud and was embraced for what he said. Saud forgave him and also his school prod of him. The morale of this story is that never judge anyone from their appearance, they might be better than you!
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Comments 4
shehram The proverb/idiom for it is "NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER" GOOD MORAL !! KEEP IT UP !! SARA srry to say but i found the story bit confusing. :-) Shehram
Aug 19th 2014
Marwa Good story and moral :) Marwa
Jul 16th 2014
HAFSA Good moral Hafsa
Jul 8th 2014
Laibah Good story and moral Laibah
Jun 29th 2014

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