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Ahsen Najib Pti
Ahsen Najib Pti
The Guidance House
Result Day
Published On Jun 28th 2014
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Last year in hot June one day
I thought throughout the way
Which position I would have got
As it was the tough day result day
I thought I would have got any position
But what I got is not to be mention
My bad brother again and again clapped
And my angry father just simply slapped
I thought how bad day it is going
Suddenly I saw in my room a big snake
And the fear of being eaten made me awake.
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Comments 6
Umair Gud stroy Umair
Jan 9th 2015
oneeb I was so scared but it was not a bad dream Oneeb
Nov 23rd 2014
Ahsen My second English poem Ahsen
Nov 2nd 2014
Ahsen Sohail you said you have no time to read it and this means to me that you have to watch T.V. Ahsen
Jul 29th 2014
Jul 12th 2014
Ahsen Is this nice. Ahsen
Jul 9th 2014

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