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Rayan Rehman
Rayan Rehman
The Story Of The Waggle Bed Kingdom (part 6)
Published On Jun 12th 2014
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Now the greatest quest in the History had stated. There were two sides. The first side was of the Waggle soldiers who were marching forward but on the other side there were the dark forces rushing ahead to capture the Kingdom. There was Raphael the leader of the good side but nobody knew who the leader of the dark forces was until Raphael saw something but you will get to know it later. But there was a terrible problem on the good side. They had to get to the other side of a mountain so they did and went through a dark cave. They did go but they heard weird noises. Weird scratching noises. They got to the other side when suddenly Raphael said stand back quick! And so they did but what did Raphael saw what did he saw......
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Comments 3
Rayan Lolololollolllolololololollololololololololol I have stopped writing Rayan
Aug 2nd 2016
Shaheer Kis baat ki? Shaheer
Aug 18th 2014
Laibah ??????????????????????????????????? kuch bhi samajh nahi aaya :'( Laibah
Jul 19th 2014

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