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Sana  Minhaj
Sana Minhaj
The City School International Jeddah
Published On May 12th 2011
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Nine large planets, orbiting the Sun
A huge ball of glowing gas,
The Sun is only one
The Earth has life on it
Here people can live,
And eat and drink and stand and sit
Is there anywhere else life?
Maybe a red Martian
And his wife
Mercury is too hot
Venus is no better
It's actually even hotter!
Earth is just right
Too much pressure
Saturn is too cold
For Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, it is told
That again their far too cold!
But is there life on Mars?
Are there people like us,
And cars?
Mars is now a cold, airless place
Its water is locked up as ice
Millenniums ago the planet was bombarded by meteorites
Meteorites and volcanoes kept the planet warmer
Than it normally would be
Right now, life on Mars is unlikely
About the probability of life on other planets,
Scientists disagree (which isn't new)
And until we meet an alien, the argument will continue!
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Comments 2
Sana Thnx :) Sana
Jul 25th 2011
Mayar Nyc poem :D Mayar
Jun 1st 2011

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