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Manal Imran
Manal Imran
Published On May 12th 2011
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There is no God but Allah.
He is Allah, the One.
He was born to no One. No one was born to Him.
Allah is One and Unique in every way.
He is without a beginning, without an end. And equal to Him is not any one. Allah has neither daughters nor Sons. Nor has there been any God beside with Allah. Had there been any, they would surely have tried to complete with one another.
Hallowed be His Names. It is He Who has created the seven heavens. No fault you will see in His creations. Look into Sky once again. Do you find any Error/Mistake??
Hallowed be His Name. The kingdom rests in His Hands. He has the power to will anything. He has created death as well as Life. Hallowed be His Name. He is Allah, the One.
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