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Kanza Baber
Kanza Baber
Pakistan International School Jeddah
Published On May 18th 2014
Total Comments : 30
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Comments 30
Fatima Wow Fatima
Jun 8th 2017
hiba Unbeliveable Hiba
Sep 4th 2015
Aneesa Amazing Aneesa
Dec 31st 2015
kanza Thanks Kanza
Nov 2nd 2014
Mohammad Keep it up Mohammad
Aug 31st 2014
kanza Yes i like him but not as much as justin or pitbull :) Kanza
Jul 1st 2014
mathilda Do u like enrique iglesias?? :) Mathilda
Jun 29th 2014
kanza Me 2 mathilda infact i love eminem and justin bieber Kanza
Jun 18th 2014
mathilda I am actually in LOVE with Pitbull :) Mathilda
Jun 16th 2014
kanza Thats great mathilda it means we have common minds awwww!!!!! Kanza
Jun 12th 2014
mathilda Its good to see someone who likes exactly the same singers as me :) blv me im in love with all three of them :) Mathilda
Jun 12th 2014
kanza Thank you soooooo much i used oil paint Kanza
Jun 9th 2014
Khoula Bht acha hai.... did u used color pencils or paint?? Khoula
Jun 8th 2014
abeera Great Abeera
Jun 7th 2014
kanza Thanx so much all of you Kanza
Jun 3rd 2014
Azka Good Azka
Jun 3rd 2014
Laibah Yah kanza, u hav no idea! so fun! Laibah
Jun 2nd 2014
Huzaifa Excellent job. Your drawing is so good. Huzaifa
Jun 1st 2014
kanza Happy independence day laiba last paper i hpe it feels amazing Kanza
May 31st 2014
Laibah Today was last paper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Laibah
May 31st 2014
Ibrahim Very nice!!! Ibrahim
May 31st 2014
Ibrahim Very nice!!! Ibrahim
May 31st 2014
kanza Safia i cant find this page Kanza
May 28th 2014
safia Its just awesome!!! Here i would like to invite you to like pg "Drawing is in my blood" its for drawing lovers :) you will like it. Safia
May 27th 2014
Laibah Thx kanza. first three papers were very easy Laibah
May 27th 2014
shiza NiCe. Shiza
May 23rd 2014
kanza Best of luck laiba !!!!! Kanza
May 22nd 2014
Zaeem Keep it up Zaeem
May 22nd 2014
Laibah Please wish me luck for my exam. first one is tomorrow on 23 may 2014. Laibah
May 22nd 2014
Tooba Awesome Tooba
May 19th 2014

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